Shaun Foweather, Stoneacre [photograph]
“As a company, Stoneacre has high ambitions to increase the many upper management roles we are at present providing for the women in our business. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and diverse company but understand that achieving equality for women in the automotive industry as a whole is still ongoing. We are proud to be joining the 30% Automotive Club as we make headway on realising these ambitions for our female leaders.”

In a world where the previous gender perceptions have become archaic, it is our duty to educate ourselves on becoming more and more aware about offering equal opportunities. In recognition of our aims, Stoneacre has set up quarterly ‘Women in the Motor Trade’ meetings with key female members of our team. These meetings are to discuss and implement plans to expand opportunities for women at Stoneacre to progress into more senior roles, improving the gender balance in the workplace.

Following the challenges that we have faced collectively as a country, an industry and as a business during the last few years, the new era we currently stand in has not knocked our confidence that changes can be achievable. Subsequently, we have recognised the importance of involving female members of our business with any decision-making processes in order to move forward. It is our intention over the next five years to progress women in higher managerial roles further, in the hope of developing some of our female leaders up to board level.

Additionally, Stoneacre is continuing to encourage, where possible, a more flexible office environment for our teams by offering the abilities for hybrid working. This not only helps to achieve a better work-life balance for our teams as a whole, but we believe this will also open doors for women during the recruitment process, providing them with more opportunities and choices to apply for a job that may better fit their lifestyle.

As we strive for a better world for our daughters and nieces to safely grow within, I am keen to initiate our changes within Stoneacre to provide the same structures for women to find the right opportunities in the automotive industry.