The UK Automotive 30% Club is a voluntary group of MDs and CEOs from automotive manufacturing, retailing and supplier companies. The club was founded by Julia Muir, CEO of Gaia Innovation Ltd, with the purpose of achieving a better gender balance within the automotive industry, and with the aim of filling at least 30% of key leadership positions in the member organisations with women by 2030 through a "30 by 30" strategy.

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Julia Muir - Founder of the UK Automotive 30% Club

“30 by 30” Strategy

  • Reach Out - to attract more women,

  • Welcome In - to remove bias in recruitment,

  • Pull Through - to pull women through the promotional pipeline,

  • Hold On - to retain talented women

The 30% target is to set a direction of travel to enable progress to be measured; something that is essential in such an objectives driven business. It is not a quota. Members simply share an enthusiasm to improve the gender balance in the sector, in order to improve the image of the industry, serve the customer base better, enhance company performance, and make the workplace an equitable environment by removing unconscious bias and obstacles that prevent talented women progressing up the career ladder.

We are affiliated to the wider cross sector Global 30% Club that aims to encourage FTSE listed companies to improve the gender balance of their boards. Their members include the CEOs of 37 FTSE 100 companies including Aviva, GlaxoSmithKline and Unilever, and 26 FTSE 250 CEOs.

Our Members

We have a growing number of automotive members including Kia, Toyota, VW Group, Mazda, Bentley, Ducati, Vertu Motors plc, Lookers plc, Jardine Motor Group, AutoTrader and Marshall Motor Group. The club also works in partnership with charities and supporters such as Speakers for Schools.


Toyota GB, Mazda and Paragon have stated an aspiration to achieve 30% on their operating board by 2020 and are also listed as members of the Global 30% Club.


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