Agenda - Morning

08:30 Conference Opens

Breakfast snacks and refreshments will be served from 8.30am.

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09:15 Fixing the Broken Rung of the Career Ladder

Collaboration Activity

In this session we will gather in small groups to tackle fixing three broken rungs...

Julia Muir (Founder)

10:00 Welcome - Focus on 30 by 30

Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club

Julia will formally open the conference, and present the Club's collective female representation data, identifying priority areas for action.

Elliot Rae (Founder of MusicFootballFatherhood) [photograph]

10:10 Guest Speaker - How Gender-Balance Benefits Men

Elliot Rae, Founder of MusicFootballFatherhood.

Elliot will speak about the positive impact that inclusive cultures have on men as well as women, and will also talk about the importance of men ‘parenting out loud’.

10:50 Panel - Inclusive Culture and the Female Customer (panel photographs)

10:50 Panel - Inclusive Culture and the Female Customer

Our panellists will explore the premise that gender-balanced businesses with inclusive cultures will include and serve the female customer better, because they will not automatically default to the male version of a customer. Women are predicted to become the majority vehicle purchasers in the near future.

  • Nicole Melillo Shaw - MD, Volvo Cars UK
  • Michelle Breffit - Co Founder, Women Drive Electric
  • Stuart Mustoe - CEO, TrustFord
  • Erin Baker - Editorial Director, Auto Trader

11:25 BREAK

Jo Salter (First Female RAF Fast Jet Pilot) [photograph]

11:55 Guest Speaker - Trailblazing & Transformational Leadership

Jo Salter, First Female RAF Fast Jet Pilot.

Jo will speak about the importance of women being pioneers and stepping forward to seize opportunities where they may be the first woman to have taken the role. She will explain how false assumptions can hold back female progression, and how we need transformational leadership to build inclusive cultures.

12:45 Panel – Women in Leadership [panellists]

12:45 Panel - Women in Leadership

In a change to the published schedule due to two of the panellists being unable to make it to the conference because of travel issues, Penny Weatherup and Julia Muir nimbly adapted the session to talk about Women in Leadership, and their own personal experiences. They also explain the importance of making a personal contribution, no matter how small, because it all adds up to a macro level change.

  • Penny Weatherup - People Director, VW Group UK
  • Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club
Julia Muir (Founder)

13:20 Change the Game - Project Moonshot (1)

Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club.

Julia will launch Project Moonshot - that aims to find high performing and high potential people with leadership skills in any function in the business, and develop them to be operational managers within 5 years.


Agenda - Afternoon

13:25~14:20 LUNCH

14:20 Panel - Inclusive Leadership for Industry Transformation [panellists]

14:20 Panel - Inclusive Leadership for Industry Transformation

Our panel of Patrons of the Automotive 30% Club will emphasise the need for gender-balanced teams so that we can rise to the challenges facing the sector, due to industry transformation to 2030 and beyond. The discussion will explore key factors affecting the industry, and how it is essential to employ the best people with new skills to overcome the challenges. Our Patrons will also share the actions they are undertaking to help sector-wide change and an increase in female representation.

  • Catherine Faiers - COO, Auto Trader
  • Annick Jourdenais - CFO, LKQ Euro Car Parts
  • Martin Forbes - President, Cox Automotive International
  • Tom Kilroy - CEO, Keyloop
Guillaume Sicard - CEO, Renault Group UK [photograph]

15:00 Keynote - Gender-Balance and Inclusion at Renault Group UK

Guillaume Sicard - CEO, Renault Group UK.

Guillaume will explain how inclusive leadership in Renault Group is ensuring that there will be an improved gender balance and diversity in the senior leadership and decision making roles in the future, by acting now to change policies and practices, and widen the talent pool. Also, by placing emphasis on high performance, embracing difference and multi-dimensional diversity, and implementing practices that enable all to fulfil their potential, the company will reap the benefits of bringing together different people with different lived experiences and perspectives and leading them to work together on the common goal of business success.

Julia Muir (Founder)

15:40 Change the Game - Project Moonshot (2)

Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club.

Julia will provide further details about key initiatives that can help to achieve our Moonshot aim of increasing female representation in operational management roles.

15:45 Panel - Gender Balance - It’s Everyone’s Business [panellists]

15:45 Panel - Gender Balance is Everyone’s Business

The panellists will explain how gender balance will make a positive impact on everyone, no matter what their role is, their gender or the size and type of company. All will benefit if everyone can reach their potential and the company is successful, We all need to play our part in making it happen.

  • Le Etta Pearce - CEO, Dealer Auction
  • Stuart Price - CPO, Zenith Vehicles
  • Justine Bates - People Director, Inchcape
  • Dudley Wilson - Dealer Principal, Aston Martin Sevenoaks, Lithia UK
Steve Nash - Chief Executive Officer, IMI [photograph]

16:15 Partner Sponsor Summary

Steve Nash, CEO, The Institute of the Motor Industry.

Steve will summarise the key messages from the day, and explain how the The Institute of the Motor Industry and the Automotive 30% Club are helping the Change the Game in the industry.

Julia Muir (Founder)

16:25 Call to Action and Close

Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club.

Julia will close the meeting with a call to action to focus on 30 by 30.


16:30 Networking Snacks and Drinks