About The Institute for the Motor Industry

The IMI is the largest professional body for individuals working in the motor industry, and the authoritative voice of the sector.

IMI is transforming the automotive industry by setting, upholding and promoting professional standards - driving skills acquisition, establishing clearer career paths, and boosting public confidence. IMI’s online Professional Register is there to make sure consumers are in skilled, competent and trustworthy hands.

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IMI’s EDI Work

Diverse workforces are more effective, more creative and lead to greater profitability. Yet, currently, the UK automotive sector is not diverse, which has contributed to the current critical skills crisis.

Doing what has always been done will not solve this. The sector must widen its appeal. It must find ways to attract people who may not have traditionally believed automotive offered the career potential for them. And it must create a work environment that is inclusive and supportive.

Achieving and sustaining a truly diverse workforce requires significant change, and that change needs to be informed by those with real life experiences.

The IMI Diversity Task Force was established in 2021 to understand the challenges and barriers under-represented groups face when working in or trying to enter automotive. We are enormously grateful to the diverse group of members and non-members who have dedicated significant time and resource to supporting the Task Force’s goals.

Read more about the commitment to EDI at: https://tide.theimi.org.uk/equity-diversity-and-inclusion

There’s More to Motor

A change in the perception of the automotive industry is necessary to attract new talent to a sector that needs to fill vacancies and close skills gaps.

The IMI is working hard to challenge negative perceptions with our new Diversity Task Force led There’s More to Motor campaign. This campaign is initially set to focus on challenging mid-career changers with transferable skills and abilities that can help grow and improve our industry.

This change would bring new talent, youth and diversity to a sector where currently just 19% of the workforce are female, and 18% are over 55.

This is the most exciting time to work in the automotive industry in a century due to the adoption of electrification and autonomous technologies. Yet there are many misconceptions about the sector, which have contributed to a shortfall in job opportunities and record high vacancies, with 26,000 roles unfilled.

There's More to Motor (campaign logo)

However, our There's More to Motor campaign aims to:

  • Challenge the misconceptions of the automotive industry
  • Champion the industry and drive recruitment and change
  • Start plugging vacancies and skills gaps

You can also sign the IMI’s EDI pledge. Doing so confirms your commitment to making positive change and will also inform you of the outcomes of any Diversity Task Force initiatives via email.
See: moretomotor.org.uk