Simon Luckhurst, Deputy Managing Director, Hyundai Capital UK [photograph]
At Hyundai Capital UK, our aspiration to be at the forefront of automotive finance extends beyond innovation and leadership; it includes a resolute commitment to diversity and inclusivity within our ranks.

We are thrilled to partner with the Automotive 30% Club, championing their vision to ensure at least 30% of leadership roles are held by women by 2030. While we fully endorse the Automotive 30% Club's six strategic goals, our focus goes beyond mere support. We are actively engaging with these principles, integrating them into our operational ethos and daily practices.

Our collaboration with the Automotive 30% Club is not just about setting benchmarks: it's about creating a sustainable framework for change. We are dedicated to making these goals a reality, weaving them into the fabric of our organizational culture. From enhancing data transparency to recalibrating our approach to inclusion, from broadening our talent search to ensuring equitable recruitment and promotion practices, our commitment is steadfast.

By joining forces with the Automotive 30% Club, Hyundai Capital UK is not just committing to a target; we are pledging to be part of a transformative journey. Together, we aim to not only achieve but exceed these goals, fostering an environment where diversity in leadership is not an aspiration but a reality. Our engagement with the Automotive 30% Club's objectives reflects our broader commitment to a diverse, engaged, and motivated team, driving us towards a future where we lead not just in auto finance, but in creating a more inclusive, equitable world of work.