Steven Eagell, CEO, Steven Eagell Group - Silver Member of the Automotive 30% Club
“I am delighted to become a Silver Member of the Automotive 30% Club, and I very much look forward to building on our work with the team to both retain and attract top female talent to our industry.
Diversity and inclusivity have always been at the core of our people strategy and we continue to work towards creating a team that both reflects the communities in which we operate and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Since becoming members of the Automotive 30% Club, we have taken an active role, with various team members contributing to the “Inspiration for Innovation” programme, the “Inspiring e-zine” and the “Female Automotive Apprentice Influencer” campaign. We actively encourage our teams to take part in these important initiatives.

Over the past few years, we have seen the tremendous benefit of having a diverse management team. Adapting our recruitment processes to attract more female candidates has also had a hugely positive impact and we are keen to keep up the momentum in this area. By working together, we can continue to improve our gender balance across all roles and ensure our customers receive exceptional levels of service at every touch point.”