Career Speed Networking Session

During our second session of the Inspiring Automotive Women Day, female students were given the chance to network with our female volunteers during our Career Speed Networking Session.  The aim of this session was to expose the students to a … Read More

Young Real Model Success Stories Panel Session

Following the Welcome Messages, students heard from our panel who detailed their own careers journeys, which covered everything from their educational pathways and career routes to where they are now. Students then had the chance to ask our panel some … Read More

Behind the Scenes at Volvo Car UK

During our live event, female students were invited to take a look behind the scenes at Volvo Car UK so that they could gain a greater understanding of their organisation and the variety of jobs roles within.   

Welcome Messages

To Kick start our live Inspiring Automotive Women Day event, female students heard from Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club and CEO Gaia Innovation along with Kristian Elvefors, Managing Director of Volvo Car UK. The aim of this … Read More

Inspiring Automotive Women Day 2020

In 2020, the Automotive 30% Club held it’s 5th Inspiring Automotive Women Day and was kindly sponsored by Volvo Car UK.  For the first time in its history, the Club held the event digitally on the 17th of November and … Read More

Reach Out To New Female Talent Pools

Last month we published the results from our October survey which asked our audience: ‘Do you think we are doing enough as an industry to attract more women to our sector?’  The results that came back showed that 46% felt … Read More

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