Is work what we do or where we go?

A typical working day for the vast majority of us has changed significantly over the course of the past few months due to the effects of Covid-19, with many individuals having worked from home. As we ease back into our … Read More

Tackling Anti Feminism as a Teenager, by Kate Muir

At the age of 17, I’ve already heard many of my peers (both boys and girls) denounce feminism; their main argument being that it’s “too extreme” and is fighting for women’s superiority. Let’s be clear, being opposed to feminism is … Read More

Winning Teams Combine Gender and Diversity

This week I have updated the Automotive 30% Club aim to be:  “to fill at least 30% of key leadership roles with diverse women in our member organisations by 2030”.  This makes a clear statement that our gender balance campaign … Read More

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