“Change the Game: The Leader’s Route Map to Building a Winning Gender Balanced Business” by Julia Muir

Julia Muir's book was launched on the 8th of March 2021, in celebration of International Women's Day, and became the Amazon No.1 hot new release in the Business Management and Leadership books the same day. It is now available from Amazon and from all leading bookstores.


Many business leaders are facing a critical need to transform the skills and working practices in their company due to rapid technological advancement and needing to “build back their businesses better” after the unexpected impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their companies, the economy and wider society. This book gives them everything they need to know about how to find, attract, promote and importantly retain highly skilled diverse women as the best solution. They know it needs to be done, but don’t know how to do it or how to convince their teams it is beneficial and necessary.

In the form of a pragmatic and easy to use step-by-step guide, the book gives the reader confidence to start building a gender-balanced business straight away during this time of uncertainty. Case studies of best practice in relatable companies give workable solutions devised and implemented by the peers they respect.

Written for business leaders and HR practitioners, it is empathic and motivational and gives tips and techniques to enable them to achieve winning results.

The reader completes a journey that reveals the action they are taking for business success will also leave a positive lasting legacy and help to shape society, and is also a potential path to their own self-actualisation.  Levelling the playing field between the sexes and inspiring future generations will give them a purpose and meaning in life that is a step beyond their financial success.

Key Features

  • The only book for leaders on achieving growth through a gender-balanced business
  • An easy to follow 6-step guide
  • Automotive Case studies to illustrate how relatable businesses have implemented winning ideas
  • A compelling 5-minute pitch to cascade and inspire the team to take action

Stuart Miles, MD, Keyloop

"This eye-opening book will leave you questioning why the pace of change is so slow when the benefits are so clear. The evidence speaks for itself, and this is a must-have read for any business leader."

Robert Forrester, CEO, Vertu Motors Plc

"In a male-dominated sector, few have done more to highlight the automotive sector's lack of progress in getting an appropriate gender balance in the workforce than Julia. The book makes for uncomfortable reading and shows the work to be done."

Catherine Faiers, COO, Auto Trader Group Plc

"Change the Game is full of practical steps to help leaders drive better gender balance. There is no quick fix but for any leader looking to make progress, this is a great place to start."

James Brearley, CEO, Inchcape UK

"A timely read given the pandemic. This book gives a real-world approach to tackling gender balance in the workplace - I encourage all leaders to read it and take note."

Sarah Morris, Group Chief People Officer, Compass Group plc

"This is a great example of a book that provides practical execution-oriented advice from the start. Evidence led, it creates a route through some of the most challenging parts including how to pitch to the unconvinced and how to systematically make changes. If every organization worked with the six steps, we could make real progress to level the playing field."

M. Tamara Box, Managing Partner, EME at Reed Smith LLP and passionate gender-balance campaigner

"Forget the box-ticking. Forget the endless parade of statistics. Forget 'blaming the women'. This guide cuts through years of jargon and posturing to the heart of what it takes to reach gender equality."