Vik Hill (MD of Santander Consumer Finance) [photograph]
At Santander Consumer Finance, everyone counts. We are proud of the diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives amongst our people, and consider that to be a fundamental part of what makes us stronger. We are continuously focused in this area, improving and evolving the way we do things inclusively, to ensure continued growth and secure talent retention.

I am committed to all aspects of diversity and inclusion within our business, particularly given the volume of available research which shows that diverse teams tend to perform far better than those that are not diverse. Achieving a better balance, in terms of gender representation, is core to that strategy. We have been delighted to join the Automotive 30% Club – an initiative which we believe can make a very real difference within the automotive sector. Through this initiative, we recognise the potential for significant impact, both within our organisation and the wider industry. To that extent, we intend to remain resolute in pursuit of enhancing gender representation throughout our business.

This year we have put our diversity and inclusion plan at the forefront of our business’s goals for 2024. We have put in place a range of initiatives already, including reverse mentoring and leadership development. We’ve also been improving our feedback mechanisms, allowing our people to vocalise their wants and needs, and support us as we continue to refine our approach to diversity and inclusion. From leadership commitment to inclusive policies and ongoing education, we are aware of how each element plays a crucial role in creating a workplace where diversity is celebrated as a driving force behind innovation and success.

We look forward to collaborating with like-minded organisations who are similarly committed to improving workplaces across the sector.