Tom Kilroy
“I am not just committed but determined to be an agent for change for gender balance in the automotive sector and building a truly diverse workplace at Keyloop. From the leadership team and throughout the organisation, I believe the best decisions are made by cultivating an environment that enables diverse and creative thinking.”

At Keyloop, we are working to create a more connected future for the automotive retail industry and our vision is a smooth and simple car buying and ownership experience for every consumer no matter what budget or background. To achieve this, the importance of creating an inclusive environment where we attract, develop, and retain more female talent cannot be underestimated. Put simply, women have a vital role to play in our success, not just today, but also in the future.

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly. It’s becoming more connected, collaborative, and cutting-edge every day, and Keyloop want to play a pivotal role in these changes. Encouraging diverse perspectives, ideas and experiences is essential if we want to really understand the modern car buyer/owner and design leading solutions that truly meet their needs. Increasing the number of women not just in our company, but also in the wider automotive industry, is a core part of this, to help create a gender-balanced understanding of consumer needs. It is not just the right thing to do but makes good business sense.

We’re making changes internally at Keyloop too, to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure our company is an open, welcoming, and inclusive environment. We are continually learning and improving our DE&I strategy called Embracing Everyone. In addition to our work with the Automotive 30% Club, we’re also forming partnerships that increase our understanding of the perspectives of other intersectionality groups such as LGBTQ+ communities and people with neurodiversity.

For us, the future-motive story is not just about the technology we develop, but about the culture and values we embed across our global workforce – values which embody diversity and inclusion, and values we intend to champion for years to come.

Says Tom Kilroy, ‘We truly believe our long-term partnership with the Automotive 30% Club is of the upmost importance. We’re very happy to say that 50% of our most Senior Leadership positions are already filled by women. Now we’ll continue to work together with Julia and her team to understand how we can build on this success and make sure women are properly represented and supported at all levels in our organisation.

As a Patron, I’m excited to work on initiatives that will increase female employment, build a larger pipeline of talented women and contribute to closing the gender gap which exists in our industry. From myself and everyone at Keyloop, we're looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Automotive 30% Club and helping to change the game in automotive through collaboration.’