My Apprenticeship Story by Lois Hill

Skills for life as a Junior Content Producer 

When I graduated university with a degree in Commercial Photography, I knew I wanted to go into a role where I could utilise the skills that I’d developed throughout my degree, so a marketing apprenticeship seemed like the perfect fit for me! Here is #MyApprenticeshipStory.

My decision to do an apprenticeship came as I wanted to get into working life quickly after university but in an industry that involved creativity, as that was my main passion. I was encouraged to pursue an apprenticeship by my parents, and they explained that once you enter an industry, you can start to progress, learn, and find out what you like. I’m glad that I took their advice!

I also liked that I was able to earn whilst I was learning, because I couldn’t expect my parents to pay for everything, and I also really enjoyed Art and Design and Sports, as I tend to learn through a hands on approach and I like the process of coming up with a concept and bringing the idea to life. I wouldn’t say I’m a hugely academic person, so I found creative and practical subjects more interesting.

Monthly apprenticeship training meant that I wasn’t sitting in a classroom for too long, and I only needed to concentrate on the academic side of things for 1 day per month, which was really good for me. By the end of my 12 month apprenticeship I became a qualified Junior Content Producer at Perry’s.  

As a creative person, who has been to both university and done an apprenticeship, I would say that an apprenticeship has made me more prepared for working life than university did. My apprenticeship allowed me to understand working life and to explore different areas of marketing. It’s a great way to find what you want to progress with and enjoy.

It’s important to treat your apprenticeship as a stepping stone and don’t feel like you will be stuck in the same role for the rest of your life. You can learn and develop vital skills needed in all different industries. For example, marketing is needed in every company. An apprenticeship will help you discover what you love and don’t. 


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