The Automotive 30% Club welcome their Network Administration Manager

Today we want to introduce you to our newest member of the Automotive 30% Club team, our Network Administration Manager, Lisa White. 

Having spent over 10 years at Volkswagen Group UK, Lisa has a background in both the automotive and education sectors and hopes to bring her experience and expertise to the Club, alongside some of the skills she developed outside of automotive, as well as being open to learning new things.

In her role, Lisa will be engaging with our network of schools and our members to plan and organise our Inspiration for Innovation Network, and she’ll also be featuring in some of our upcoming Inspiring e-zine content!

Hear more from Lisa in the interview below:

Please could you give a brief outline of what your role as Network Administration Manager entails?

“My role is to engage with schools and our members to plan and organise our Inspiration for Innovation Network. We organise three outreach programmes across numerous schools to showcase the breadth of amazing roles and apprenticeships within the automotive industry and to ultimately inspire more diverse young women to join us. I also coordinate the meetings and activities of our growing Club networks, so no two days are the same. 

Why are you excited to be joining the Automotive 30% Club?

I have a background in both the automotive industry and in education, so the role felt like the perfect job for me. I hope that not only can I bring my experience to the Club, but that I can also learn new skills as well. I never knew my pathway when I left education, so I am excited to work with the schools so I might just inspire a girl like me to join automotive.

What is your vision for your role?

My ambition is to amplify the programme across the UK to spark as many connections between schools and businesses as possible that will generate opportunities for the next generation of automotive women.

Can you tell us about being a woman returner, and returning to the automotive sector?

To be honest it feels like coming home after a long holiday. It’s great to see such positive change happening across the sector and to learn about the new emerging platforms and businesses in this ever-evolving industry.

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