Menopause Awareness Month: A look at our Members’ activities

Back in October, we saw the celebration of Menopause Awareness Month within many of our member organisations and across our wider Inspiring Super-Network.

We want to showcase what our Automotive 30% Club, Patrons, and Silver Members did to mark these important dates, including Menopause workshops and panels hosted by black leadership teams, and role models within the sector. Read more below. 

Thatcham Research

Thatcham Research hosted a focus group inviting colleagues from all over the organisation to share their thoughts, experience, and understanding of this sometimes life-changing stage. Thatcham Research was keen to hear from anyone who may be affected – either directly or through observing the experience of a partner, family member, friend, or colleague. A group of men and women all openly shared about their own experiences or that of those around them. This honest participation and considerate sharing of experience will help Thatcham build a portfolio of support that provides the highest possible level of benefit. 


To mark ‘World Menopause Day’ on 18th October Enterprise hosted a virtual Menopause Lunch & Learn, run by Menopause Specialist Dr Shilpa McQuillan.

One in three of the working population is over the age of 45, and may stay in the workplace until retirement which is now 68. So, while the conversation is becoming more open and transparent about women’s health, Enterprise recognizes that more needs to be done to educate and better support women in the workplace.

The 90 minute session was the latest offering in a series of initiatives designed to create a safe, transparent, and engaging conversation that destigmatises menstrual and menopause health in the work place.

It was refreshing to hear directly from an expert, but also great that colleagues from all different life stages had the opportunity to share their own experiences and ask questions. One woman’s coping mechanisms can be totally different to another’s. From medication, lifestyle changes, meditation, therapy, exercise and much more, Enterprise will continue to encourage colleagues to be open about this once rarely talked about but completely normal stage of a woman’s life.

Close Brothers Motor Finance

To mark World Menopause Day, Close Brothers Gender Balance Network organised for a specialist from Bupa to talk more about the menopause and the support that’s available for sufferers.

To further show support, Close Brothers Motor Finance also ran coffee sessions throughout 

World Menopause Day, for more colleagues to share their stories and information. Provided by Over The Bloody Moon, Close Brothers also challenged their sales colleagues to wear a #MenoVest, which is cleverly designed to simulate hot flushes. 

Close Brothers know the importance of supporting female colleagues experiencing the menopause, and they appreciate the impact that going through this change has on both their personal and work lives. That’s why Close Brothers colleagues are able to book menopause related absences and speak with mental health first aiders. What’s more, a MenoChat and Forum were recently created for members to share their experiences and offer support at any time.

Thank you to each of our members for sharing their activity around Menopause Awareness Month, we’re always keen to hear about our members’ activities, so please get in touch with if you have any activities you’d like to share with us!

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