Helping to create positive changes in the motor industry, MotoNovo Finance launches GROW

This April, Automotive 30% Club Member, MotoNovo Finance launched a new network to support its dealer and broker partners in increasing female representation at all levels across the motor industry.

Known as GROW (Generating Real Opportunities for Women), the network has been created to support, and encourage meaningful discussions about gender issues in motor retailing when it comes to career development.

GROW will offer a series of virtual interactive seminars. These events will feature guest speakers, and case studies and highlight available resources to help businesses to take positive action to support more women.

Leading the initiative is MotoNovo MD Karl Werner, an active member of The Automotive 30% Club. Werner said:

“Embracing diversity and inclusion in all its guises is central to MotoNovo’s culture. We want to play our part in creating a fairer society and have taken big strides to & raise our own bar; as an employer.”

Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club, added:

It’s great that MotoNovo Finance is taking action and launching GROW. There’s strong evidence that women’s networks with a goal of inspiring, developing and supporting women have a significant positive impact on women’s progression. Something special happens when women see that they are not alone.


A company serious about being gender balanced should establish a network that is inclusive for both sexes like GROW is. The purpose is to share perspectives, find common ground and work together on solutions that are fed back to senior leadership for action.


Male members learn that they’re the other half of the gender balance and that they will also benefit from changes. Involvement should be encouraged and led from the top as Karl Werner is doing.  I hope many more of our members will establish inclusion networks like GROW.”

If you would like to get in touch with the GROW network, please email

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