Cox Automotive’s Women with Drive Network

Patron member of the Automotive 30% Club, Cox Automotive have worked hard to establish their ‘Women with Drive’ Network, since its launch in 2016.  

Women with Drive is an inclusive movement built to support the achievements of inspirational women within the automotive sector and in the article below, HR Director at Cox Automotive International, Alison Fisher explains more about the network and how you, our followers, can get involved to help make a difference and empower women from within the sector. Read more below.

What is Women with Drive and why was it established and its main aim?

Women with Drive (WWD) network was created to bring women – and men – together with the united goal of improving the representation of women in the automotive industry. We have made some massive strides since its launch and we have real momentum behind it now. Although I have since passed the baton onto a new WWD board sponsor in Liam Quegan, I know that he shares that vision and is equally passionate about seeing women in our industry succeed.

Who can be involved?

Absolutely anyone can join the network – we want individuals within Cox and elsewhere in the automotive industry who are passionate about empowering women in our industry and believe that together, we can all make a difference.

What types of initiatives is WWD involved with?

We have regular events throughout the year to bring the network together, share experiences and hear from inspiring women. Inclusion, diversity and equity are extremely important to us at Cox Automotive and by giving everyone a voice, we hope to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to bring their true, authentic selves to work. And hopefully, attract more women to our exciting and innovative industry.

What positive impact has WWD had on female team members in Cox Automotive?

Ashleigh Roberts, Front-End Risk Account Manager said, “Since the Women with Drive network was created, I’ve observed the number of men joining and getting involved has also grown with each event. It’s a really positive thing to see and it’s great to have men supporting the development of women in our industry.”

Victoria Colclough, HR Director – M&A and Corporate Functions said, “WWD was the first employee resource group we established at Cox Automotive, knowing how important it was to raise the awareness and profile of women, not only at Cox Automotive but across the Automotive Industry. Whilst WWD recognizes gender and addresses gender bias and inequality, it is an open and inclusive network for all, providing a safe environment and education platform. The network is infectious and our members have grown significantly internally and externally. WWD has become part of our DNA and culture at Cox Automotive, a truly significant achievement. I am extremely proud to be a founding member and WWD has created the opportunity for all women at Cox Automotive and in our industry to have a voice or know where they can create one.”

Monica Sturley, Head of Strategic Buyers & Partnership commented, “I feel so privileged to be part of such an inclusive network. I returned to work from maternity leave during a global pandemic in June 2020, and it was at times challenging. The WWD network has kept spirits high and the important conversation going. The network is a multiplicity of perspectives that sparks creativity and innovation, allowing all members to share their stories and to share ideas. WWD encourages everyone to be their whole self and has a space for every voice.”

Emma Mason, Personal Assistant said, “I believe that since we have introduced WWD at Cox Automotive, it has empowered women to have a voice. I believe that attending one of the WWD sessions hosted by Alison Fisher truly changed my work life! – it pushed me to be brave, chase after what I wanted and push myself out of my comfort zone. I believe WWD is a fantastic platform for women across the business, but men also. It’s an inclusive group/event that brings people together and really empowers them to be the best they can and make positive change.”

What are the future plans for WWD?

We’d love to see our network continue to grow so we can carry on shedding new light on issues impacting women, attract more women to our industry and create even better opportunities for career progression.

How can women in automotive get involved with WWD?

Join us! Everyone is welcome to join our Women with Drive network and we’re always eager to hear new perspectives. Whether you’d like to share your own personal career journey, talk about issues that affect women, or just hear from other inspiring women, we’d love you to join us.

If you wish to get involved or want to find out more visit the link here (http://womenwithdrive.co.uk/contact) to register your interest.

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