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Introduction: The World of Automotive

We would advise that students watch this short 5-minute video as an introduction to 'The World of Automotive', before watching our 'Automotive Volunteer Videos'. This video details the vast number of jobs for diverse women and men in the automotive sector and will help students gain an understanding of the many opportunities and varied job roles available to them.

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#A01 Michelle Wells, Director of Brand Strategy and Corporate Communications, Keyloop

In this Career Conversation Michelle Wells, Director of Brand Strategy and Corporate Communications highlights the importance of working in an inclusive environment and speaks about just some of the places that her career has taken her, from New York to Dubai, but explains that being a country girl is what makes her happy. She urges students to be true to themselves and to be open to new opportunities and learning.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - French, Spanish, English Literature, Business Studies. University - International Management and French.

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#A02 Paula Cooper, ConsumerOne Director, Toyota GB Plc

Paula talks about her job as the Director of ConsumerOne, and explains that it is much more about understanding people than working with cars. She describes her workplace at the automotive manufacturer Toyota GB as having a focus on wellbeing and a positive "can do" culture of collaboration and change. She chose to study Economics, French and German at A level because they were the subjects she enjoyed the most, and went on to study Modern Languages and Politics at University. As an award winning woman executive at the top of what was traditionally seen as a male dominated sector she explains how important it is to not be restricted by gender stereotypes when choosing a career.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Economics, French, German. University - Modern Language with Politics

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#A03 Rosie Stothard, Planning & Pricing Assistant, Volkswagen Group UK

Rosie Stothard, an undergraduate at the University of Leeds, who is currently on work placement with Volkswagen Group UK Ltd outlines the career pathway which got her onto a placement scheme with Automotive 30% Club member, VW Group UK and gives insight into how her A-Level subjects are useful in her current role as Planning & Pricing Assistant. She touches on the influence that friendship groups can have on one another throughout school and tells us that although she was not specifically aiming for a career in automotive before, she definitely is now!

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Geography, Maths, Physics. University - Business Management & Mathematics. Graduate Scheme 

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#A04 Rani Ali, Delivery Lead, Auto Trader

In this Career Conversation Rani Ali, Delivery Lead at Auto Trader UK outlines just some of the transferable skills she developed through studying for a degree in History and details how useful these skills can be in the world of work. She also speaks about how important it is to choose to study the subjects you love and then being open to any opportunities without limiting your choices based on preconceived ideas about the sector.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - History, Government & Politics, English Literature, Biology. University - History.

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#A05 Becky Hughes, Account Manager, Close Brothers

In this Career Conversation Becky Hughes, Account Manager, Close Brothers explains why she chose to embark upon the apprenticeship route and how the skills learned throughout her apprenticeship are useful in her job today. Becky also speaks about who inspires her and whether she feels that employers will treat the Class of 2020/21 any different.

Educational Pathway: Apprenticeship - Hairdressing. Employment - Hostess, Retail.

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#A06 Lucy Proudlove, Digital Degree Apprentice, Bentley Motors

Lucy Proudlove, Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprentice at Bentley Motors talks about how her A Levels in IT, Sociology and Photography are useful for the tasks in her Degree Apprenticeship, and also explains how she balances her role at Bentley Motors, alongside her degree studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Sociology, IT, Photography. Degree Apprenticeship - Digital and Technology Solutions.

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#A07 Sarah Knighting, Group Marketing Manager, TrustFord

Sarah Knighting, Group Marketing Manager at TrustFord outlines the importance of following your passion, and utilising your skill set. She tells students about the benefits of workplace mentors and friendship groups, outside of work, who will help to support one another through challenging times and mental health struggles and Sarah also advises young people to remove any preconceptions of the automotive industry and to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing a career pathway.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Sport, Media Studies and Psychology. University - Sports Science.

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#A08 Moyosola Fujamade, Senior Press Officer, Kia Motors

Moyosola talks about her role as Senior Press Officer for events at the car company Kia. She studied Maths and Business Studies at A level and she explains why she chose her Maths for Finance degree at the University of Portsmouth, and although her first couple of job roles were more maths related she has now established herself in PR and sees her future in general automotive management. She says she is a firm believer in breaking "glass ceilings" and that if you set your mind to do something, you can do it.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Maths, Business Studies. University - Mathematics for Finance and Management.

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#A09 Karen Julien, Head of Procurement, Inchcape UK

Karen Julien, Head of Procurement at Inchcape UK highlights her passion for practical and creative subjects and details why she decided to study Model Design at university, despite it being a less academic subject. She speaks about the importance of being adaptable to change and encourages students to separate personal and professional life, in order to help maintain wellbeing and ensure they aren’t overwhelmed.

Educational Pathway: College - Art. University - Model Design.

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#A10 Jade Edgington, Business Development Manager, Paragon Bank

In this Career Conversation Jade Edgington, Business Development Manager, Paragon Bank plc speaks in detail about her education pathway. In particular, Jade highlights how having gone to university, realised that the direction she was taking was not right for her. Upon embarking on a career in the finance sector, Jade quickly realised that the transferable skills developed in her A-Levels helped her immensely during her rise up the career ladder into her current position at Paragon Bank plc. This conversation is suitable for those students who do not have a clear idea of what career they want.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Law, Drama, English Literature. Employment - Retail.

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#A11 Helen Priest, Account Manager, Close Brothers

In this Career Conversation Helen Priest, Dealer Account Manager at Close Brothers Motor Finance, outlines the importance of achieving qualifications in both English and Maths, in order to help young people progress and details just some of the skills that the class of 2020-21 will have developed by studying from home and adapting to new ways of learning throughout the pandemic. Helen advises students to take every opportunity given, no matter how small, and emphasises the benefits of gender equality, in order to help bring new ideas into organisations and industries.

Educational Pathway: College - BTEC Business. A Levels - English.

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#A12 Sarah Eaves, Account Manager, Auto Trader

Sarah Eaves, Account Manager at Auto Trader UK highlights how a degree in Law is useful in her role today, as Account Manager and what it’s like to work at Auto Trader UK. She gives insight into some of the decisions she would change if she were to go back to her time at school, and recognises the variety of career opportunities available for everyone throughout her organisation, and throughout the automotive sector as a whole.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Politics. University - Law. Graduate Scheme.

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#A13 Charlotte Pinner, Service Adviser, Colchester Porsche, Jardine Motors Group

In this Career Conversation Charlotte Pinner, Service Adviser, Colchester Porsche, Jardine Motors Group, details about why she choose an apprenticeship route and why she would recommend this pathway to others. Charlotte is also very open about the impact friendship groups can negatively have on a young person's studies and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and nuturing.

Educational Pathway: Apprenticeship - Retail Sales Assistant. 

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#A14 Hayley Keatinge, Head of Business, Jardine Motors Group

In this Hayley Keatinge, Head of Business, Jardine Motors Group, who recently featured in our Inspiration for Innovation Career Conversation series. Hayley speaks about how despite studying to be a vet then a biochemist, she was brave enough to identify that these were not the careers for her. Having joined the automotive industry 15 years ago as a Sales Executive, she has been a Head of Business for 5 years and absolutely loves working in the automotive sector. Hayley offers students great advice about what they can be doing now for a job in the future and stressed that if they embrace and are passionate about what they want to do they can not fail.

Educational Pathway: A Levels. University - Biochemistry, Masters in Business.

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#A15 Megan Burton, Accounts Apprentice, Burrows Motor Company

Megan Burton outlines her career pathway, which led her onto an apprenticeship with Burrows Motor Company and gives insight into how the apprenticeship route has benefited her, whilst allowing her to learn something new every day. Megan speaks about the life lessons she has learned since entering the working world and recognizes the importance of a diverse, gender-balanced workforce, which allows employees to learn from different types of people throughout the organisation. She also encourages young women, like herself to consider the automotive industry as a viable career choice for them.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Business. Apprenticeship - Business Administration, Accounts.

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#A16 Rebecca Clark, Sales Director, Auto Trader UK

Rebecca Clark is the Sales Director at the automotive tech company, Auto Trader. She talks about how learning languages at A Level has helped her to embrace diversity and be culturally aware, and how useful it is to do work experience, have good communication skills, and be able to work well with people. Her advice is to be the best that you can be and be kind to others.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History. A Levels - French, German, English. University - Marketing.

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#A17 Samantha Hopkins, Commercial Training Lead, Volvo Car UK

In this conversation, Sam Hopkins, Commercial Training Lead at Volvo Car UK talks about how studying Sociology and Psychology at A Level has helped her throughout her career and details the benefits of working for a company such as Volvo, which is inclusive and practice flexible working. Sam urges students to have self-belief and not to worry if life doesn’t go according to plan, she also highlights the number of great career opportunities available within the automotive industry.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Sociology, Psychology, Human Biology, Arts and Theatre. Employment - Call Centre, Military.

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#A18 Bijal Mandalia, Franchise Controller, Jardine Motors Group

Bijal Mandalia, Franchise Controller at Jardine Motors Group details what is involved in her role as Franchise Controller and explains how her degree in Accounting and Finance helps with her work. She urges students to choose something they’re passionate about, in order to succeed and highlights the importance of a strong and inclusive support network, both at work and outside of work.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Maths, Further Maths. University - Accounting & Finance.

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#A19 Gina Jackson, Group Renewals Manager, JCT600

Gina Jackson, Group Renewals Manager at JCT600 Ltd speaks about her career pathway and highlights that studying for a BTEC in Travel and Tourism allowed her to gain practical skills, even though it wasn’t her first choice. Gina tells students more about her love for racing cars and urges students to trust the process, even if things don’t fall into place as envisaged.

Educational Pathway: College - BTEC, Travel and Tourism. University - International Business Management.

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#A20 Emma Freeman, Chief Risk Officer, Inchcape UK

In this Career Conversation Emma Freeman, Chief Risk Officer at Inchcape UK highlights how her Dad helped to influence her career pathway, and details the importance of doing a job and taking a pathway that you enjoy. She suggests that the class of 2020/21 will in fact benefit from the Covid-19 pandemic, by having the ability to adapt to change at an early age and Emma encourages students to work hard, as people will notice.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - French, Latin, Maths. Employment - Qualified Accountancy. Traveling.

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#A21 Autumn Stokes, Graduate Digital Marketing Assistant, Jardine Motors Group

Autumn Stokes, Graduate Digital Marketing Assistant at Jardine Motors Group studied for a degree in Media and Popular Culture, before completing a Masters in Digital Marketing and found that the placement she did whilst studying allowed her to discover which type of role she wanted to pursue. Autumn details the importance of maintaining relationships with potential employers and values the supportive work culture at Jardine Motors Group.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Business, Media Studies, Psychology, Geography. University - Media with Popular Culture. Masters - Digital Marketing. Graduate Scheme.

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#A22 John Levis, User Experience Designer, Keyloop

In this Career Conversation John Levis, Product and User Experience Designer at Keyloop details how his degree in Graphic Design and in particular digital design helps him in his current role at Keyloop and speaks about how one particular history lesson inspired him to pursue his interest. John enjoys the fresh challenges that he faces every day as a designer and highlights the importance of skills such as empathy and communication.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Art, Geography, Theology. Art College. University - Graphic Design/Digital Design. Placement.

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#A23 Kerry Sainsbury, Specialist Digital Marketing, Toyota GB Plc

In this Career Conversation Kerry Sainsbury, Specialist in Digital Marketing at Toyota GB Plc gives insight into her love for PR and explains how she found her passion for the automotive industry, through a placement scheme during university. Kerry explains why university was the right choice for her, despite being the first person in her family to pursue this route. She encourages students to ignore outdated stereotypes when it comes to choosing a career path and says that ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - History, Dance, Drama, Media Studies. College - Business Studies, Communications, and Media. University - Public Relations. Placement.

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#A24 Olivia Norris, Customer Experience Team, Aston Martin Cambridge, Jardine Motors Group

Olivia Norris, Customer Experience Advisor at Jardine Motors Group talks about her struggles with maths during school, but details that by persevering she eventually achieved the grade she needed to progress onto A Levels. Taking a gap year allowed Olivia to find her passion for events, and she later carried out a degree in International Events Management with Experiential Marketing, which inspired her to apply for her role at Jardine Motors Group. 

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Sociology, Health & Social, Theatre Studies. Gap Year. University - International Events Management with Experiential Marketing. Graduate Scheme.

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#A25 Jennifer Collett, Commercial Graduate, Stellantis

Jenny Collett, Commercial Graduate at Stellantis works in Digital Marketing and feels that industry placements and internships are important, she says it's key to choose a career pathway that you’re interested in, as you’re more likely to end up doing a job that you love! She details her future plans within Stellantis and urges students not to turn down opportunities because of their gender and comments that being a woman is a strength within her company.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Drama. University - Economics, Placement. Graduate Scheme.

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#A26 Carolina Lopez-Holgado, Senior Supplier Quality Engineer, Bentley

In this short episode Carolina Lopez Holgado, Senior Supplier Quality Engineer at Bentley Motors tells students about her passion for Maths, Science, and creative subjects, such as Art and Technology. Her desire to combine both of these passions is what led her to a career in engineering. She details the support she received from Bentley Motors when moving from Spain to the UK and highlights that she enjoys being challenged in her role every day.

Educational Pathway: University (Moved Location) - Aerospace Engineering. Graduate Scheme.

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#A27 Catrina Coakley-Burns, Graduate Digital Marketing Assistant, Jardine Motors Group

In this Career Conversation Catrina Coakley-Burns, Graduate Digital Marketing Assistant at Jardine Motor Group talks more about her career pathway, she studied English Literature, Spanish, and History at A Level, before deciding to do a degree in English, due to her passion for communication, and she tells students about how her degree helps her in her current role. Catrina encourages students to follow their passion, get involved with things they're interested in and most enjoys dealing with different people every day in her role.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - English, Spanish, History. University - English. Graduate Scheme.

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#A28 Rob Caldecott, Senior Front End Developer, Keyloop

Rob Caldecott, Senior Front End Developer at Keyloop outlines his career pathway and explains why he chose to go straight into employment after studying a BTEC in computing at his local college. He speaks about an enthusiastic teacher who helped to influence his career and highlights his love for mentoring others and being creative in his role.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Geography, Physics, Computing. College - Computing. Employment.

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#A29 Rebecca Sides, Aftersales Director, Inchcape UK

Rebecca Sides, Aftersales Director at Inchcape UK talks more about her interesting career pathway and highlights the positive impact that graduate schemes can have on young people. She details the importance of playing to your strengths and speaks about being open and honest and helping others with their struggles to help maintain her own well-being.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - English, Business, Welsh. A Levels - Business, English. University - Business Studies. Self Employed. Graduate Scheme.

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#A30 Steph Brindley, Regional Operations Lead, Solus Accident Repair Centres

Steph Brindley, Regional Operations Lead at Solus Accident Repair Centres gives insight into her career pathway, she speaks about the influence that her Dad had on her career and details where her love for body repair initially came from! Steph highlights the many pathways that a career in the automotive industry can lead to and discusses the importance of encouraging women to join the sector.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Art, Design, English, Spanish. Employment.

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#A31 Molly Duffin, Digital Marketing Assistant at Volkswagen UK

Molly Duffin explains how her university course has allowed her to do a placement with Volkswagen UK, to gain industry experience, and speaks more about the importance of not being restricted by gender stereotypes. She enjoys the level of responsibility she has been given during her placement and encourages students to explore what they can get from jobs and placements, to benefit themselves as well as the company.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Economics, English, Psychology, Geography. University - Marketing

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#A32 Lucy Yiasoumi, Social Media Executive at Auto Trader UK

In this Career Conversation, Lucy Yiasoumi talks more about what her job as a Social Media Executive involves and the importance of choosing GSCE and A Level options that you enjoy. She describes how her degree in German helps in her role at Auto Trader UK, and highlights the importance of working with a diverse team. Lucy also explains how guidance from her teacher helped to shape her career route

Educational Pathway: A Levels - English Literature, Drama, Philosophy & Ethics, German & Greek. University - German. Graduate Scheme.

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#A33 Amy Dilley, Workshop Controller at Inchcape UK

Amy Dilley works for Inchcape UK and speaks about her role managing a team of technicians and service advisers at Porsche Bournemouth. She studied Business Administration, Sociology, and Media Studies at A Level, but decided that university wasn't for her, and switched to a Business Administration apprenticeship at a Volkswagen retailer. Amy describes how she quickly progressed through the ranks to her current job as Workshop Controller in a Porsche retailer, and how important it is to learn at a young age how to be inclusive of others and work well with teams of diverse people.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Business Administration, Sociology, Media Studies. Apprenticeship - Business Administration.

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#A34 Izzy Windsor, Apprentice Vehicle Technician at Lookers plc

Izzy Windsor describes her job as an apprentice vehicle technician at Lookers Vauxhall in Chester, and how her love of renovating old Minis with her Dad influenced her decision to switch from her college A Level courses to a vocational apprenticeship with a car retailer.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Law, Psychology, Applied Science. Apprenticeship - Vehicle Technician.

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#A35 Jaimee Bennett, Accident Repair Coordinator at Steven Eagell Group

Jaimee Bennett is an Accident Repair Coordinator at a Steven Eagell Toyota dealership in Milton Keynes and is also undertaking a Customer Service Apprenticeship. She left school at the end of Y11 to become an apprentice and explains that she balances her college studies with her work and that studying maths, geography, and business studies at GCSE was very useful for her job. She says the main skills she has developed and uses in the workplace are organisation and customer service skills.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Business, Maths, Geography, English, History. Apprenticeship - Customer Service.

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#A36 Danny Benning, Management Trainee, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Danny Benning is on a Management Trainee graduate scheme with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and in this conversation, he explains how the skills he developed through studying business and psychology at university have helped him in his current role. Danny talks about the importance of working well in a diverse team, to work towards a shared goal, and he also urges students to stand up and be confident in themselves, as it will help them throughout their career choices. He also discusses the importance of communication and organisation, in order to maintain wellbeing. 

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Level 3 Business, Psychology, Sociology. University - Business Psychology.

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#A37 Millie Bradbury, International Process Support & SME, Cox Automotive

Millie Bradbury works in the Human Resources team in International Process Support at the global company Cox Automotive and is based in Leeds. She talks about why she chose to do a Level 3 apprenticeship after A Levels rather than go to university, and that she then built on her skills by also undertaking a more specialist HR Support Apprenticeship. She describes how much she enjoys her job and meeting with people in the company from across the world, and she explains how her interest in Mental Health has led her to be trained as a Mental Health First Aider by her employer.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Maths, English, IT. A Levels - Business Studies. Apprenticeship - Business Administration Apprentice, HR Support Apprenticeship. 

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#A38 Melissa Cureton, Vehicle Technician Apprentice, Renault Retail Group

Melissa Cureton is currently taking a Level 3 Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship at Renault Liverpool. She didn't know what career she wanted to pursue so was advised to go to university, and she completed a degree in Animal Behaviour but decided working with animals was not the right choice for her. Melissa explains how she is retraining as a vehicle technician and loves her job, and advises how important it is not to follow the crowd but to take the pathway that best suits you. She also talks about how useful Chemistry and Physics are for her job, and that she is learning more about the practical application of them through the apprenticeship training at the academy in Doncaster.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Chemistry, Physics. University - Animal Behaviour Degree. Apprenticeship - Level 3 Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship. 

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#A39 Sheyla Sabio, Renewals Executive at Steven Eagell Group

Sheyla Sabio is a Renewals Executive at a Steven Eagell Toyota dealership in Milton Keynes. She talks about the tasks she performs in her job, including contacting customers by phone to explain that their car is due to be renewed and inviting them into the showroom to choose a new vehicle. After studying languages at High School in Spain, Sheyla traveled to the UK to improve her English, and likes it here and enjoys her job so much that she has decided to stay. She explains the importance of being inclusive of others and being empathetic to people of different backgrounds.

Educational Pathway: Studied Languages in Spain, relocated to England

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#A40 Jessica Errington, Management Trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

In this conversation, Jessica Errington highlights the importance of choosing an employer based on what they stand for and tells us more about why she feels empowered in her job. She speaks about some of the women in Enterprise who help to inspire her and explains how she doesn't allow her dyspraxia and dyslexia to hold her back but voices any challenges with her employer. Jessica also urges students to do what makes them happy!

Educational Pathway: A Levels - English Language, Sociology. Degree - Sociology. Graduate Scheme.

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#A41 Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club & CEO Gaia Innovation

In this conversation, Julia Muir speaks more about her career pathway, including why she chose to study business, with a particular focus on marketing, and how university helped to prepare her for the world of work. She highlights the importance of not being restricted by gender stereotypes, or the influence of others, and details the use of data analysis and critical thinking in her role.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - English Literature, Biology, Geography. Degree - Business Studies (Marketing & People Development). Graduate Scheme.

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#A42 Lilly-Ann Hulse, Digital & Technology Degree Apprentice at Bentley Motors

In this conversation, Lilly-Ann Hulse discusses the benefits of the Degree Apprenticeship route and highlights the importance of choosing options and a career that you will enjoy. Lilly speaks about her future ambitions on completion of her degree, and hopes to stay working in digitalisation within the automotive sector. She advises students to join in with things they enjoy outside of work, to help stand out from the crowd and enhance their transferable skills.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Computer Science, Biology, German. Degree - Digital & Technology Degree Apprentice.

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#A43 Grace Walker, Apprentice Vehicle Technician at Vantage Motor Group

Grace Walker knew that she wanted a career as a Vehicle Technician when she left school, and discusses the support she received from her parents and the team at Vantage, Toyota, Leeds when she pursued her passion and joined the automotive sector. She speaks about the challenges she faced from those who had outdated perceptions of the industry, and explains how she hopes to change the mindset of her doubters, by proving that young women can be successful technicians. Grace also highlights what she enjoys most about her job.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Design & Technology. Apprenticeship - Vehicle Technician.

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#A44 Sophie Oak, Communications Manager at Automotive 30% Club

Sophie Oak started at the Automotive 30% Club as a Degree Apprentice, whilst studying Professional Practise in Management at Sheffield Hallam University. In this conversation, Sophie speaks about how studying for a Level 3 Diploma at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy helped her recognise that full time university wasn't the route for her, and identified the need for learning through a hands on approach. She also highlights her struggle with imposter syndrome, explaining how she manages this, and urges students to choose the right employer for them.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Business. BTEC - Level 3 in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship. Degree Apprenticeship - Management.

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#A45 Ellie Cotterill, Aftersales Advisor at Burrows Motor Company

Ellie Cotterill is an Aftersales Advisor at Burrows Motor Company in Rotherham, and is currently completing a Customer Service Apprenticeship. She speaks about the experience she has gained working in the aftersales team and that she is now moving on to her dream job helping customers to choose cars. She emphasises the importance of not following the crowd like a sheep and that choosing a pathway that is independent of your friends is challenging but the right thing to do, and you make more great friends in your workplace.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Psychology, Business Studies. Apprenticeship - Customer Service.

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#A46 Alistair Piper, Digital Creative at Keyloop

Alistair Piper is a Digital Creative at Keyloop, a tech company that supplies technology products to automotive companies. He talks about how all of the subjects he studied at A Level help him in his role today, and how important it is for young people to be inclusive and work well with teams of diverse people. He decided on a career in tech after he had done a Carpentry apprenticeship. Alistair explains the difference between developers who work on engineering the systems and those who create the visual interface.

Educational Pathway:  Apprenticeship - Carpentry. A Levels - Graphic Communications, Photography, Accounting, Business Studies.

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#A47 Constance Henquinet, Technical Manager - Lean Manufacturing at Bentley Motors

In this conversation, Constance Henquinet, Technical Manager for Lean Manufacturing at Bentley Motors explains more about her role, and describes how she uses project management and other transferable skills very often. Constance speaks about moving countries and the challenges that this brings but also how moving location has allowed her to develop her creativity. She urges students to be curious and open to opportunities.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Maths, Physics, English Language. University Degree - Engineering. Graduate Scheme. 

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#A48 Jessica Martin, Commercial Manager at Audi UK

Jessica Martin is a Commercial Manager for Audi UK, and in this Career Conversation she speaks about her interesting career journey, and her love of cars crossed with an an interest in art and being creative has led to her role in automotive marketing. Jessica completed a range of placements and internships in the automotive sector in order to decide what she wanted to do, and highlights the importance of choosing the right career path for you. She urges students not to be afraid of giving something a go, and encourages them to network as early as possible.

Educational Pathway: A Levels - Business, English Language, Psychology, Art. University Degree - Business Management with Marketing.

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#A49 Bethany Garrett, Customer Relationship Management Graduate, Carwow

Bethany Garrett recently graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Business Economics and is now employed as a Customer Relationship Management graduate at the digital automotive company Carwow. Bethany speaks about how useful her Maths A Level was for her degree and also for understanding statistics and analysing data in her current role in the growth marketing function. She describes that she only goes into the office one day a week to meet her co-workers and is able to choose when she works at home or when to go into the office, and recommends proving your employability by getting work experience while studying.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - History, French, Graphics, Statistics. A Levels - Economics, History, Maths. University Degree - Business Economics. Internship.

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#A50 Penny Lofthouse, Brand Manager, Bravoauto UK

In this conversation, Penny speaks more about her varied career in the automotive sector and explains how her English qualification has been useful throughout. Penny highlights the importance of communication, being part of a team, and why it's important to not only listen but to actually hear what other people are saying. She also describes what her workplace is like and explains why she enjoys being a woman in automotive.

Educational Pathway: GCSE - Religious Education, English. College. Secretary, Sales, Accounts.

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#A51 Adele Pinder, HR Manager, Burrows Motor Company

In this conversation, Adele explains what her role as Human Resources Manager consists of and highlights the key skills she uses, such as communication and organisation. Adele speaks about the importance of English and Maths, and how they have helped her throughout her career and she urges students to work hard, get to know what they're good at, and seek opportunities for future employment. Adele also explains what the workplace is like at Burrows Motor Company, and why she enjoys helping to support others and solve problems.

Educational Pathway: English. Maths. Employment. Communication. Organisation.


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