Senior Automotive Executives Pledge Further Support For The Automotive 30% Club 30 by 30 Campaign

On October 19th the Automotive 30% Club held its first virtual meeting of the “30 by 30” Leaders.

Hosted by Club founder Julia Muir, those attending included CEOs, HR Directors, and other board-level members responsible for implementing their company’s strategy to achieve 30% of key leadership roles to be filled by diverse women by 2030. Julia updated the attendees with the purpose and activities of the Club and explored the priorities for 2022, and where the Club should focus its energies. 

The executives present shared how they felt that being part of a cross-sector campaign was beneficial because they were stronger and better together, and encouraged by each other to take real action to drive change in their own organisations. Another key reason for supporting the campaign was to leverage the power of the network, learn from others and work together to change the perception that women have of the industry. Membership is a statement of intent to take action and those present want to be a part of the change.

Many cited participating in the school outreach activities of the Club to raise awareness of the sector as inclusive employers of choice as a valuable part of their membership. Also, the women of the sector felt an increased sense of belonging to a wider automotive network through the Club’s Inspiring Automotive Women awards, IAW Day and the Inspiring ezine.  

As a result of the meeting a number of senior automotive executives have stepped forward with offers to bring more resources to the campaign to keep the momentum going and support the growth trajectory of membership and the increasing need to share effective solutions for attracting, progressing and retaining diverse women.  

A first step will be to formalise a mechanism for sharing best practice both through the Club’s communications and through engaging directly with each other. Unleashing the power of the network by building stronger links between members to share solutions will accelerate the pace of change. This will be led by a group of three senior HR executives from the Club’s membership and will be the subject of a separate announcement.

We are really excited about the changes that will be actioned by the Club’s membership in 2022, and thank everyone for their continued support to ensure that the automotive sector will be a place where women can thrive.

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