Jane Pocock of Copart UK Limited Joins the Automotive 30% Club

We are delighted to announce that Jane Pocock, Managing Director of Copart UK & Ireland, has become our latest member of the Automotive 30% Club. 

The Automotive 30% Club, founded by Julia Muir in 2016 aims to fill at least 30% of leadership roles with diverse women by the year 2030 and has a purpose of achieving a better overall gender balance within the automotive sector.  

Copart UK Limited is an industry leader in used and salvage car auctions, with over a decade of experience in the UK automotive industry and specialises in the remarketing of over 400,000 vehicles a year through its online auctions. Copart was founded in California in 1982 and consists of over 160 facilities in the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, UAE and the UK. In 2007, Copart expanded to form Copart UK Limited, which has since gone on to sell 1000’s of salvage and non-salvage vehicles each day to Buyers in 108 countries.

Jane Pocock, Managing Director of Copart UK & Ireland comments:

I’m delighted to join the Automotive 30% Club, a network of CEOs and MDs – a great initiative that supports and encourages greater gender balance within the automotive industry. At Copart, we are very proud to have a well-balanced workforce across all areas of our business, including our senior management team. Unfortunately, many organisations still do not demonstrate the same level of representation, especially when it comes to the recruitment and progression of women in this traditionally male-dominated industry. That is why I am so pleased to support this initiative and highlight Copart as a positive example of best practice and help others wherever I can.”


Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club and CEO of Gaia Innovation comments: 

“We are thrilled to welcome Jane Pocock of Copart UK Limited into the Automotive 30% Club and we look forward to working together, alongside our other member organisations, in order to achieve a better gender balance throughout the automotive industry. It’s great to have another MD onboard who is not only a trailblazer in the sector but is also creating a working environment in which other women thrive, and I look forward to collaborating with Jane in order to truly change the game in this sector.”

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