The Campaign Plan

The Campaign has two parts:

  1. Visits to schools throughout the autumn term by your female volunteers, arranged by you, supported by materials from us
  2. A LinkedIn campaign in November to feature your female volunteers and as many automotive women as possible!

The purpose is to showcase a huge variety of automotive women and tell their career stories.

This Girl is Me 2023 (sponsored by Arnold Clark)

The Social Media Plan

Key dates related to the #ThisGirlIsMe2023 campaign:

October 30th
November 2nd
November 8th

LinkedIn posts to encourage women in the sector to participate

#ThisGirlIsMe2023 Campaign Week

Please encourage women in your company to upload their photos and personal inspiring stories, and tag us on LinkedIn @auto30club and we will share them.

October – December

We will share your posts about your Inspiring Automotive Women’s “#This Girl Is Me” School Visits – please tag us on LinkedIn @auto30club

Support the Campaign

By working together we want to amplify the impact we will have on social media.

  • Communicate to colleagues about the campaign
  • Encourage colleagues to connect with the Automotive 30% Club on LinkedIn
  • Create your own #ThisGirlIsMe2023 post, similar to the example on the next page, to be published w/c 13th November
  • Consider using your company social media account to post on behalf of  your colleagues
  • Please nominate colleagues to take part in #ThisGirlIsMe2023
  • Remember to tag the Automotive 30% Club in your posts, so we can reshare to our wider network.

Your Own Activities

Plan your school engagement activities:

  • Make contact with your target schools NOW
  • Identify your volunteers and agree the visit date
  • Review the presentation and film we will provide for you to use if you wish
  • Create posts in the lead up to your school visits to promote that your inspiring automotive women are visiting schools this autumn
  • Take a photo during your school visit and tell the story of the visit, including any impact data you have collected. Tag us so that we can reshare it
  • Don’t forget to include the hashtags #ThisGirlIsMe2023 #IAW2023 #Auto30Club #EarlyCareers on your posts, and tag the Automotive 30% Club.

What we need you and your volunteers to do

The Automotive 30% Club’s #ThisGirlIsMe2023 LinkedIn Campaign will take place from Monday 13th November to Friday 17th November 2023.

During the week, we are asking all the women of the automotive industry to:

  1. Post a picture of themselves as a girl (either as a little girl, or as a teenager) to publish on social media
  2. To support the image, we are asking them to write 250-300 words talking about their own ambitions at that age and share what advice you would give their younger self.

Please do encourage others to join in by tagging the women who inspire you to get involved. Use the hashtag #ThisGirlIsMe2023 and remember to tag the Automotive 30% Club in your post.

Example image:

This Girl is Me (example image post)
An example of the type of image we are looking for in the #ThisGirlIsMe2023 campaign posts

Sample post text

“This girl is wearing her dad's firefighter uniform in the 1970s. For a while she too wanted to be a firefighter but people laughed and said girls can't have that job. Then she wanted to be a fighter pilot, but the RAF Careers man laughed and said women can't fly the planes. Then when she was older and at university, Perrys Motor Sales Ltd came to look for graduate hires, and other students said "women don't work with cars". But the Perrys recruiter said "Of course they do - in fact you can do any job you want if you have the right attitude and competence". She will always be grateful to Perrys for being so inclusive and enabling her to prove herself in what was a man's world. #ThisGirlIsMe

I have had an interesting and rewarding career in the automotive sector, now running the Automotive 30% Club. Keep looking for the best career home for you, that gives you the maximum opportunity to succeed whilst being your true self, rather than compromising, appeasing and conforming to gender stereotypes and limited aspirations and expectations.

#ThisGirlIsMe2023 #Auto30Club #EarlyCareers

We hope you will join in with our campaign!

This Girl is Me 2023 (sponsored by Arnold Clark)