‘We can all be who we want to be’ – Lifting Limits Report

This report “We can all be who we want to be” provides a whole school approach to challenging gender stereotyping and promoting gender equality in primary schools.  The report demonstrates the clear success of the pilot in challenging gender stereotypes from an early age. 

Lifting Limits is a social enterprise with a mission to challenge gender stereotypes and promote gender equality in education.  Their programme based on existing evidence of the need for a whole-school approach to challenging gender stereotypes, involving all aspects of the school and all members of the school community.  The programme was tested in a year-long pilot in five primary schools in the London Borough of Camden, reaching around 270 staff and 1,900 pupils.  Finally, key aspects of the programme found to successfully drive change include: the whole school approach; the effectiveness of the staff training (Inset); assemblies; the appointment of a gender champion in school; and the breadth and quality of the programme resources. These aspects combined to introduce a ‘gender lens’ and to support schools and their staff in embedding and consolidating this awareness in their teaching, practice and interactions with children.

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Source: https://www.liftinglimits.org.uk/pilot-evaluation/

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