CDK Global joins the UK Automotive 30% Club

We are delighted to welcome CDK Global as our newest member.

Our network of CEO and MD members are working together to achieve a better gender balance across the industry, with a purpose of filling at least 30% of leadership roles with women by 2030 in their organisation.

CDK Global help dealers provide relevant and engaging interactions across all touchpoints on the customer’s path to purchase and throughout their ownership experience – from researching to buying, and maintaining to upgrading.

In addition to joining the club, CDK Global are the proud sponsors of our Outreach Network which launched to the public last week. You can find out more here.

Stuart Miles, MD at CDK Global comments:
“We support initiatives that attract diverse talent to the industry, especially at a time of huge tech disruption and development in the sector. It’s vital that we open doors and provide opportunities for women to develop careers in automotive. With respect to the industry as a whole, diverse teams bring different perspectives, ideas and thinking, helping us collectively innovate, produce, sell and service cars for all drivers out there, regardless of gender.”

Julia Muir, Founder of the UK Automotive 30% Club, and CEO of Gaia Innovation comments:
“I am very pleased to welcome CDK Global as our newest member to join our network. It’s great to have such an important supplier on board working together on our shared goal of achieving
a better gender balance across the sector.

It is with a special thanks to CDK Global, through their kind sponsorship, that we can mobilise our network of volunteers from CEOs to apprentices to engage with state and independent schools, colleges, universities and women’s networks with the aim of inspiring youngsters to consider careers in the automotive sector.”

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