Annick Jourdenais, Chief Financial Officer, LKQ Euro Car Parts [photograph]
Throughout the years of trying to fit into a different mould, I realised that while I can find success in trying to act like a male colleague would, I can be more successful as myself. That’s why I’m so committed to helping other women come to that realisation.

Encouraging and enabling talented women to progress up the automotive career ladder isn’t just the fair, moral thing to do – it’s also good for business. Gender-diverse groups make better decisions and form companies that are more likely to succeed.

I’ll freely admit – although I might not have done at the time – that I didn’t know much about cars when I started my career in the automotive industry eight years ago. But it’s been truly rewarding to come in and offer a fresh perspective to help further develop the industry.

In times of unprecedented technological and regulatory change in the automotive sector, the need for strong, effective, diverse leadership is arguably greater than ever.

Industry-wide commitment

Stereotypes, discrimination and bias are not welcome in the automotive industry of today. But that’s not to say we’ve consigned those things to the past. Cultural change always takes time, and requires patience, collaboration and willingness to learn.

That’s why I’m proud to be working alongside likeminded peers to increase female representation in the sector – something I’m incredibly passionate about.

Together, we can pave the way for more women to successfully develop their careers, improve the way the automotive sector is perceived, and ultimately, better serve our customers.

The LKQ Euro Car Parts community

Within LKQ Euro Car Parts, we’re always looking at ways to support our female colleagues and customers through various initiatives and partnerships.

Our Colleague Promise states our commitment to being a fair and inclusive business, where everyone feels motivated, valued and proud – supported by a suite of family-friendly policies and training resources, informed by ongoing colleague surveys and feedback.

And our customers are on this journey with us. We’ve made free training courses available to female technicians to support more diverse talent in the aftermarket, and they know they can count on us as a supportive partner throughout their whole careers.

We’re all learning as we go, but I can see the strides we’re making in ensuring the automotive industry becomes more inclusive and supportive to all.