My Apprenticeship Story by Paris Lorentzen – Crowther

Creativity, variety and being treated equally

I learn by giving things a go, and asking questions, so I knew that an apprenticeship would suit me better than the University pathway. I enjoy learning, and I’ve always enjoyed working (I got my first job at 14), therefore an apprenticeship was the perfect combination of both for me. So this is #MyApprenticeshipStory…

After doing some research, I found that there were so many apprenticeship opportunities, and so many different levels of apprenticeships, so I had lots to choose from! 

I’m very creative, so naturally English and Media were my favourite subjects at school due to the creative element, and luckily for me, I use both of these subjects in my role as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Steven Eagell Group. 

I found my apprenticeship through the government website, I sent off my CV and received a call from Milton Keynes college a few days afterwards to let me know that Steven Eagell Ltd was interested, and the interview process could start. I then started the apprenticeship a few weeks later.

I love being an apprentice, in fact I don’t know what’s not to love about being an apprentice! I’m treated equally in the workplace, my views and opinions are respected by my colleagues, just as much as anyone else’s, and my manager is extremely encouraging and praising.

Everyday is also quite different as an apprentice, so I never get bored. A typical day in my role could consist of anything from keeping up to date with social media notifications and Google reviews, creating website pages, and optimising pages and creating and publishing ads and job vacancies. No day is ever the same, I love the variety in my role, and I find it a lot of fun. 

I also really enjoy my college days, because I’m treated like an adult and we have a really supportive tutor. 

I would advise anyone considering an apprenticeship not to be afraid, it’s not as scary as you might think it is. Take the opportunity to learn, and don’t worry about getting things wrong, your colleagues won’t expect you to know everything. I also encourage young people to take the opportunities you are given, because this will really help your personal development and growth. Finally, try your best. You can accomplish so much more than you think you can.

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