Women On The Verge, Don’t Raise Your Voice, Change The Conversation…

Toyota (marque logo)At Toyota, we aim to develop our people to be the best they can be and realise their potential. This is illustrated in a recent programme we have launched for the Women in our business called Women on the Verge, of brilliance. The focus of the programme is about fundamentally owning and changing the conversation about you…and owning what you want to be and believing it……

We know what the majority of the research on women in Corporate Life tells us, typically women are less comfortable with self-promotion and selling themselves and more likely to tell you what they can’t do than celebrate what they can. Many women feel they lack confidence and will recognise Imposter Syndrome as a daily occurrence.

Women on the Verge, is an exciting new workshop designed to help talented women take those next steps in their personal development. This workshop through conversation and discussion looks at tools around managing perception with critical audiences, perception mastery and building your reputation management campaign, cultivating confidence that comes from within & building emotional resilience and mental toughness.

The session provides a powerful environment where individuals can explore the challenges and opportunities that being a woman at work can bring and helps them build the confidence and support to move further towards their own potential and possibilities.

This work has been developed and designed by IDology Partnership, a Coaching Consultancy with decades of experience working with high potential women all over the world.

IDology’s philosophy is grounded in an exploration of individuality and what it means to ‘just be yourself’. Their work helps people explore all the different identities we inhabit throughout our lives and focuses on helping people understand how we can make our own choices about which of those identities or labels are the most important to us and which ones we chose to own or discard.

This is empowerment in its purest form, pointing people towards how good they could be and helping them exploit their strengths and talents.

Lucy Ratcliffe, who runs the workshops is one of the founding partners of IDology, working with women across industries and at all stages of their careers. Her approach is individual and deeply personal, recognising that every workshop, just like every person there, is different.

Women on the Verge creates a space to champion the uniqueness of each individual that attends, while also giving women a forum to share their own stories and build confidence for themselves and each other.

Lucy is driven by the desire to help people ‘get above themselves’ and out of their own way’ and believes that IDology’s work will help women begin to change their own mindsets and the stories they tell themselves about being a woman at work, particularly in male dominated industries.

We have now run two workshops and intend to run more (its reputation is growing as people ask to attend) and it’s having a real lasting impact on the participants whilst also creating a network of ongoing support. Here’s some of their feedback:

  • I would recommend this course 100%. It was so different, really allowing you to think about things in a different way. It also gives you a view to look at others differently, yourself internally and externally, but also the environment around you.
  • It was enjoyable and thought provoking. The discussions and tools will definitely help in my day to day role, situations that I find challenging and in developing my career
  • I really valued the bond with other really strong female colleagues who provided advice, inspiration and ideas through the conversations and experiences we shared whilst also knowing that I know have a network to go to for support.
  • The time and space to think about me was invaluable, reflecting on what I already have in me and how I can unlock more.


Source: Toyota GB Plc

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