Our positive actions to align with ‘Welcome In’ by Natalie Cushing, Volkswagen Group UK

I’ve worked in in-house recruitment for more than 16 years, working my way up from coordinator to advisor, Manager and finally Business Partner. In my current role, I manage a team of recruitment managers and coordinators delivering seamless hiring of external talent into our business, as well as helping our internal population to grow their careers.


I love what I do as I am a people person, am passionate about the business I work for, and love sharing why we are a great employer! Automotive is such an exciting industry, the changes I have seen in the last 4.5 years are phenomenal and I see VWG going from strength to strength with our ambitious plans for EV’s.

My day starts early, as I am a mum to a lively 2 and a half year old! Getting out of the door on time for nursery and the office is always therefore fun. Once I am in the office, my day can consist of team meetings, job application reviews, project work – such as Diversity & Inclusion, or Employer Branding. No two days are honestly the same as the type of roles that myself and the team look after vary massively. We are an attractive brand and with this can come large volumes of interest.

I love the variety of what I do, the interaction with people, and also seeing people grow and flourish in their roles. I am also a bit of a geek, so also enjoy reporting as seeing the numbers behind our strategy give me a real sense of ROI and successes. And also where there is room for development.

As part of our Recruitment Employer Brand Image, we have begun to do more culturally around flexibility and looking at what an employee might be juggling outside of their working life. We recognise that the 9-5 isn’t a thing anymore, and actually, a more flexible approach not only empowers an employee, but also enhances their commitment to the organisation as individual circumstance and contribution is recognised.

Myself and the In-house recruitment team therefore to talk to potential candidates about their own personal circumstances and how a role here could fit in with these. Our current and potential colleagues – both male and female – have responded positively knowing they can have a truly great work life balance and still continue to develop their career while perhaps doing a part time or job share role.

I think there is a shift in the sector towards women and working to create the right balance across gender. Organisations like the Automotive 30% Club are helping to raise awareness, and we as the employees of the organisation also have a part to play in showcasing our brand and what a great offering we have for people from all kinds of diverse background. I think automotive isn’t alone in trying to push forwards for a more gender diverse workforce. But with more women coming into roles of seniority these days, I would like to see that more emphasis is put on transferrable skills and overall experience and not necessarily sector, which historically has been a blocker.


Article by Natalie Cushing, Resourcing Business Partner, Volkswagen Group UK

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