Meet Marie Barry, Manager, Academy Strategic Projects, Toyota GB Plc and IAW Award Winner for 2019

Marie has worked in her current role for 3 and a half years, and is responsible for strategic projects supporting the network to attract, retain and develop high quality dynamic people who can deliver a best in class customer experience.

In addition, she is also responsible for the design development pathways to ensure Toyota can upskill and multi skill front line staff, who can manage the changing retail landscape with confidence. 

Marie explains what inspired her to join the automotive sector: “The opportunity to work with a diverse range of Business Operators, being able to add value to their business by supporting them on strategic people initiatives. Also being close to the front line where the customer experience is delivered, being able to influence and raise the bar so as a brand we can differentiate ourselves, and the opportunity to be creative about solutions and try new ways of approaching old problems and challenges.”

In order to work towards achieving a better gender balance within the industry, Marie has involvement in designing programmes and solutions to attract a more diverse workforce, with support frameworks to build confidence, skills and knowledge. Marie states, “careful and considered execution of these programmes ensures buy in and longevity.” She is also involved in developing mentors and role models in the network who can support and encourage young people and females to engage with the industry and see how they can add value.

In addition to this, Marie often uses her qualification as a cricket coach in the business world, to optimise performance and build confidence in young people, in order for them to perform to the best of their ability. Marie comments, “I am often guilty of using sporting analogies to make a salient point which causes some amusement… and at times bewilderment.”

Upon hearing the news of being named an Inspiring Automotive Woman, Marie commented: “I felt valued, appreciated and heartened that people from outside our business could see value in what we as a team have achieved.”


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