Meet Dr Astrid Fontaine, Member of the Board – People, Digitalisation & IT, Bentley Motors and IAW Award Winner for 2019

Astrid has worked in the automotive sector for 25 years and in her current role is responsible for all strategic and operational aspects of global Human Resources (HR) for Bentley Motors.

She also leads the Digital Transformation and Digitalisation of enterprise, product (car and services) and customer related areas of the business. In addition, she is responsible for full strategic and operational management of all Information Technology (IT) for Bentley Motors globally. As a Member of the Board and director of the company, Astrid has personal responsibility and liability for Bentley Motors. 

It’s amazing to see how Astrid engages other women to progress their career in the automotive industry. On a regular basis, Astrid participates in panel discussions and shares her experiences as a former engineering student. This year she went to Japan and participated in the G(irls)20 summit discussing current G20 topics and showing ways to enable women to join the automotive industry. In addition, Astrid invented Colleague Breakfasts, where she meets colleagues from the whole company, sharing her ideas and beliefs. She focuses on recruitment of a diverse workforce and supports other women as a mentor.

Astrid’s reaction to hearing the news that she’s an Inspiring Automotive Woman was: “I am absolutely amazed, surprised, happy and honoured at the same time to have been nominated for this outstanding award.”


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