Meet Natasha Davies, Service Adviser at Shrewsbury Audi, Jardine Motors Group and IAW Award Winner for 2019

Natasha joined Jardine Motors in June 2017 as a senior service advisor within its Audi division and is responsible for delivering exceptional customer service as part of the aftersales team.


Natasha joined the automotive industry in 2009 under an apprenticeship as a service administrator with Rybrook BMW. She explains what first inspired her to start a career in the industry: “I would say my inspiration to enter the industry has a lot to do with my dad. He has his own business in Shropshire selling used cars. Growing up I always used to go to dealerships and auctions with him, this is where my love for cars began! Since then I’ve never stopped learning and I hope one day to be a director within Jardine or higher within the industry itself.”

When it comes to supporting other women to rise, Natasha has taken a fair and balanced view. She helps mentor and support every new member of the service team, which now mainly comprises of women; a switch around from what it used to be. She encourages all to push themselves and break boundaries in order to achieve higher goals and standards. She has brought in new measures in order to make everybody’s work-life easier and to make it a happier work environment to be within. She encourages all new starters to make the most of the courses available within the Group to help their personal development.

On hearing the news she had been chosen as a winner in the top 30, Natasha commented: “I was blown away! To be recognised for all the hard work and to be seen to be making a difference, makes the long hours worth it all the more! I’m sure all the candidates put forward are just as driven and deserve this just as much, which makes me very thankful to the judging panel. I look forward to continuing the hard work and proving my worth.”


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