Meet Victoria Woolley, Chassis and Powertrain Deputy Module Leader for the Bentayga Platform, Bentley Motors and IAW Award Winner for 2019.

Victoria has worked for Bentley Motors Ltd for 19 Years, and has been in her latest position for 2 months. Her key responsibilities include providing project management support within Product Line organisation and Module across Chassis and Powertrain for the Bentayga Platform.

Victoria is responsible for driving project progress through module and relevant functions with focus on time, cost and quality.

Previously to that she has held numerous Engineering roles including Chassis Engineering Build Support Engineer, Chassis Test Coordinator and Prototype Build Operations & Budget Coordinator.

Victoria’s ethos has always been to encourage everyone to follow his or her passion and dreams. There is a place for everyone within the motor industry, regardless of background or gender. She looks to inspire people (especially those that lack confidence) that it is never too late to change one’s career, to complete further studies and be successful in the motor industry.

Victoria is proud to work for a company that has one of the lowest median gender pay gaps in the automotive sector.

On hearing the news of her award win, Victoria commented: “I was completely awestruck and amazingly honoured. It is such a privilege to have been recognised by my peers. I do not see myself as inspirational I simply do my job!”

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