Meet Helen Robinson, Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement Manager, Auto Trader and IAW Award Winner for 2019

Helen started in the automotive industry over 4 years ago. She has had a range of roles whilst working for Auto Trader including being part of their Concierge team, progressing to an Events Manager and now taking a new role within Diversity Inclusion and Community Engagement.


Helen is passionate about diversity and inclusion and says: “It is important that we recognise that women are not one dimensional, defined simply by just their ‘Gender’, but have multi - dimensional characteristics. One woman’s experiences in life will be very different to the woman sat next to them, we therefore try and take an intersectional approach to Diversity and Inclusion, working with each other across the different strands to make sure we are aligned.”

By using her Events Management experience and D&I knowledge, she has helped create events inclusive for everyone. For the past three years, she has worked with the incredible Stacey Copeland on events for International Women’s Day. Stacey is a European Boxing Champion and is passionate about getting more young girls thinking about careers they may not have initially thought about. Helen believes it’s so important to support initiatives like this as this is one of the ways to help directly influence and support younger women. Helen comments: “As a young girl, I never got any opportunities to go into businesses to find out about exciting opportunities and paths that I could go down so we open up our offices to help other girls. Each year on International Women’s Day we have welcomed 80 girls into the office for a day of educational workshops, team building and interesting talks from inspiring women.”

On hearing the news of her award, Helen commented: “At first I honestly thought I was the wrong Helen. I thought the email might have been a phishing scam. However, feel truly humbled but proud.”


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