Come and join our Inspiring Super-Network!

Automotive 30% Club founder, Julia Muir, is passionate about bringing together diverse women from across the automotive sector into a network where they can be themselves, express their thoughts, build working relationships and learn from one another, and our newly launched Inspiring Super-Network promises just that!

There is strong evidence that women’s networks and meetings with a goal of inspiring, developing and supporting women have a significant positive impact on women’s progression. 

The Inspiring Super-Network is a grassroots movement and friendship group for diverse women and their male allies from across all levels of the automotive industry, that also includes members of women’s networks beyond the sector. It will meet virtually (and in person once Covid allows us to!) 

The purpose is to share perspectives, find common ground, and work together on solutions that can be fed back to senior leadership for action. Members will offer one another support by taking part in informative discussions, whilst building cross business relationships and motivating the next generation of Inspiring Automotive Women. Male members will contribute as the other half of the gender balance, and they will hear how they too will benefit from adopting an inclusive culture. 

Members from within the network will discuss, debate and share advice on all kinds of different topics related to self development, and relevant current issues within and outside of the industry, enabling members to develop their knowledge by listening to one another’s view points and past experiences. There will be the opportunity to speak with industry experts, and diverse women from other sectors who have successfully navigated their way to the top, and discussions about challenges they may be facing. We hope it will lead to some great advice and suggestions to help members overcome any personal obstacles. 

How will it work?

There will be three different types of discussion groups that will be conducted virtually, (for now!) and will be hosted by Automotive 30% Club Inspiring Super-Network Manager Nicola Thompson, who has over 25 years of experience working in the automotive sector.

These groups include:

  • Informal live ‘coffee time’ chats via video calls.
  • Podcasts showcasing women from within the Automotive 30% Club member companies who will discuss issues raised by the Inspiring Super-Network members. 
  • Live webinars featuring guests to debate and discuss different themes and topics, giving the Inspiring Super-Network members an opportunity to send in their questions and join in on the conversations.

And the exciting part? The podcasts and webinars will be readily available to listen to and view on the Inspiring e-zine – your go-to place for inspirational content!

How can I get involved?

Please get in touch with our Inspiring Super-Network Manager, Nicola Thompson nicola@automotive30club.co.uk for further information. Alternatively, please ensure you have subscribed to the Inspiring e-zine via the link here to be invited to participate in virtual meetings, to access podcasts and webinars and read about our activities on the Inspiring e-zine.

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