The Automotive 30% Club Inspiration for Innovation School Events Go Digital

The virtual inspirational events at Sponne School, Kingsthorpe College and The Buckingham School are an integral part of the year long Inspiration for Innovation Network activities, and allow a full year group of students to meet a variety of ‘real model’ employees from the worlds of automotive and engineering. 

The Sponne School event will involve Year 8 students (aged 12-13) and the events at Kingsthorpe College and The Buckingham School will involve Year 9 students (aged 13-14).

The virtual Inspirational Events have been designed to align with the purpose and key message of the Inspiration for Innovation (I4I) Network, which is to tackle gender stereotypes and career segregation at a young age, and to ensure that young women in particular see automotive companies and related technology industries as employers of choice.

The events will take place on the 22nd of April at Buckingham School, the 29th of April at Sponne School and finally on the 27th of May at Kingsthorpe College.  Volunteers from 13 companies have committed their valuable time to inspiring the next generation.  From within Silverstone Park the companies involved are MEPC Silverstone Park, Performance Projects, Delta Motorsport, Lunaz Design, TD Group, CMC Media, Course Concierge, and Glanville Consultants.  From the Automotive 30% Club the companies involved are Keyloop, Enterprise Holdings, Bentley Motors, Jardine Motors Group and Inchcape UK.

Thank you so much to our sponsors Keyloop and MEPC Silverstone Park and volunteers for making these virtual events happen, and positively impacting the lives of so many youngsters.

Julia Muir, CEO Gaia Innovation and Founder Automotive 30% Club comments: “This generation of children have endured turmoil, anxiety and grief. They’ve returned to school with hope for the future, and now more than ever it’s important for us to reassure them and encourage them to achieve their full potential. Our motivational Inspiration for Innovation virtual events will introduce them to “real models” from automotive and engineering, and showcase the fantastic career opportunities in inclusive, innovative companies.”

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