Marshall launch their Future Leaders Programme

In 2017 we launched our Future Leaders programme which our Academy team developed to:

  • To help potential first-time managers understand the nature of the transition from being a great individual contributor to being a leader of others.
  • To help develop critical people skills and provide a whole new skillset that will help delegates in their current role as well as providing a smoother transition into leadership.

At the end of last year we had our first two women pass the programme from the 2017/18 cohorts and this is what they had to say:

Monique Almond – “The Future Leaders Programme has not only given me the knowledge of what a good leader is but the confidence to use that to become a successful one.”

Rebecca Horrocks – “I enjoyed and would highly recommend the Future Leaders Programme to anyone wanting to progress within Marshall. The programme has given me leadership skills to better myself within my current role and prepare myself should a management role become available in the future.”



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