#SP18 Pauline Dumont, Development and Integration Engineer, Delta Motorsport Ltd

About this video

In this Career Conversation Pauline Dumont, Development and Integration Engineer at Delta Motorsport talks about her education in Belgium where she focused on Maths and Science, and then a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering. As part of the Erasmus scheme she was able to study at Cranfield University near Milton Keynes and gained an MSc in Automotive Mechatronics, and then found her job nearby. She explains how she chose her subjects because she enjoyed and was good at them, and her parents and teacher suggested engineering would be a good career with lots of opportunities.

Pauline is interested in cars so she loves her job, and is currently working on extending the range electric vehicles can travel before needing to be charged. She is a great example of a female engineer who is working to solve the problem of climate change.