De code the job description
Decoding the Job Description, by Julia Muir

One of the reasons women don’t apply for jobs could be that perhaps the jobs are described in such a way that we simply don’t find them appealing. A gender decoder app has recently been launched that suggests certain words … Read More

Nobody's Perfect
Nobody’s Perfect, by Julia Muir

To secure a new job or promotional opportunity, a good place to start is taking the risk to actually apply. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There is a story retold by Facebook’s COO, the famous gender … Read More

Volkswagen Group UK
An Overview of Volkswagen Group UK’s Activities

Overview of activities:   Our ‘A Day in Their Shoes’ campaign won an Award of Excellence in the ‘Best Campaign’ category in a competition run by the Institute of Internal Communications. A Day in their Shoes – held in March … Read More

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