It isn’t a secret that historically, the automotive industry has lacked diversity. The outdated perceptions the sector bears are indicative of the past, and as the world around us evolves and advances with unprecedented momentum, it’s about time we caught up.

Our industry is already in the midst of change akin to the technological advances we saw in it’s infancy, and whilst it’s an exciting time to be in our fantastic sector, it’s imperative we embrace the advancements around us. Diverse thinking is an essential factor of this, opening the door for innovation, opportunity, and a new way of doing things – all of which will be fundamental in ensuring the automotive industry succeeds in this ever-changing landscape.

Writing as the CEO of Lookers, it’s fair of me to say at present, our policies and activities around diversity and inclusion remain a work in progress. It would be the easy road for us to remain in this state, yet equally, short-sighted, and not representative of the sort of organisation we are seeking to be.

I’m a great believer in actions speaking louder than words, which is why I’m incredibly proud to become a Patron of the Automotive 30% Club. Working alongside other dedicated and inspirational members of our sector, I’m committed to addressing the challenges facing both Lookers and our industry.

Our ambition is unambiguous and our opportunity unlimited, we must accelerate (pardon the pun) innovation and change through honest dialogue and tenacious action that translates to meaningful and demonstrable development. By outgrowing the limitations of previous thinking, I’m confident we can make truly impactful changes laying a lasting foundation of diverse and inclusive thinking for today, and our future generations.

People are indisputably the pioneers of change, as well as ‘the why’. Not one of us is defined by a singular characteristic, each unique element we bring to the table offers new knowledge, experiences, and ideas and only by embracing these varied perspectives can we discover an inclusive environment that truly represents our customer base and allows each colleague to bring their true selves to work.

As we work with the Automotive 30% Club, I’m confident and committed to taking learnings from our peers, customers, and industry best practice and in turn, translating these into impactful outcomes to create an environment that enables diversity and inclusion to flourish.

This is a big year for Lookers and our sector, and as I look ahead to the coming months, I can’t wait to see what is to come.