Improving gender balance along with the creation of an effective diversity and inclusion policy is fundamental to the future of work in the automotive sector. Arguably, these areas are some of the most important matters facing the automotive industry today.

For this reason alone, I am delighted to take up the role of Patron for the Automotive 30% Club.

With a 20-year history working in the motor retail sector, Mark became Motorpoint’s Chief Executive Officer in May 2013 following two years as CFO. Mark was previously finance director of Sytner Group Limited from 2005 to 2010.

Mark believes that addressing gender balance is vital to improving working environments in the automotive industry. Mark says: “ We need to demonstrate clear purpose and progress in this area if we are to attract the best talent into our organisations.”

Mark adds: “The Automotive 30% Club has shone a spotlight on the automotive industry and the work that is needed to further improve gender balance. Their campaigning and lobbying work has inspired many in our sector to get behind their innovative initiatives; this has helped to shift perceptions about the importance of prioritising gender balance-related matters. However, there is still much more we could and should be doing.”

Mark believes that fostering the leadership aspirations and ambitions for women in the sector is more crucial than ever – the recent 30 under 30 initiative is a great example of genuine change in action.  This approach, along with the latest school’s education programmes will help to secure the future impact we need to show genuine progress in our sector.”

Motorpoint is fully committed to enabling its colleagues to follow their dreams when it comes to their career aspirations and goals.

Mark explained: “Our people are fantastic gender balance champions already. Through our volunteer scheme, they work hard to change perceptions about what the world of work in the automotive industry looks like for all young people. Inspired by the Automotive 30% Club, our Motorpoint champions are already undertaking a range of outreach sessions in primary and secondary schools. They run student workshops to help young people gain a real insight into the breadth and scope of exciting career opportunities that exist in our sector regardless of gender.”

Mark believes that the Automotive 30% Club helps ensure that there is a collective responsibility across the automotive sector when it comes to improving gender balance, diversity, and inclusion.