Agustín Martín, President and MD at Toyota (GB) Plc – Sponsor of Inspiring e-zine

“Women need to see and aspire to leadership positions and they need to see women in those positions so that they know it’s attainable and they can deliver exceptionally well”, comments Agustín Martín, President and Managing Director, Toyota (GB). 

It’s a really exciting time for the automotive industry as we look towards the future and our movement towards becoming a mobility organisation. Our customers are expecting more and more from us and in a market where new entrants are emerging we need to accelerate change, be innovative, differentiate ourselves and anticipate what we need to do in order to do business the way customers love.

People are at the heart of our business and our people will be the pioneers of the changes we need to make. It’s even more important than ever that we have a diverse mix of people in the business as this will provide increased innovation. My mantra is of ‘ no limitology’ and that’s an important tone I set in the business to encourage others to think differently and not be limited by previous thinking.

To enable every individual to give their best and be their best we need to create a truly inclusive environment where we value the difference an individual brings and that we are creating the conditions for each individual to thrive. At TGB we want to create a truly great place to work for all which is why we participate in the Top 100 Best Companies to work for so we can learn from the best practice of others and continually strive to create an even better environment for our employees so they can be their best selves at work.

By creating a great environment to work in we look to attract new and different talent to our business and develop the potential of all. We have challenged ourselves to re write our job profiles and adverts so they are focused on what an individual will get from a role, how it will develop them and what they will own, we have challenged the number of essential skills we cite as needed so we don’t put any barriers in the way of someone applying.

Attracting talent, growing talent and retaining talent will be key to our future as will be understanding new skill sets for our industry and showcasing the opportunities our industry offers in terms of careers. We need new ideas and thinking to stay ahead and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Over recent years we have seen the number of senior women in our organisation increase we are now at 25% of our goal of 30% by 2030, though we are challenging ourselves to achieve that by 2025, whilst increasing our aspiration for our gender mix in our senior population to be higher, as I said No limitology!

Leadership perspective

Women need to see and aspire to leadership positions and they need to see women in those positions so that they know it’s attainable and they can deliver exceptionally well. This is where the Inspiring e-zine that we sponsor can play its part. Through Inspiring great stories from real models in our industry are showcased, alongside showcasing great initiatives happening in the industry to attract and retain and hence share best practice, great tips, tools and different thinking. Fundamentally it’s also about creating a super network of women and men (as its inclusive to who may wish to join) where we can learn from each other.

Our Women on the Verge programme, which is fundamentally about women owning and changing the conversation about themselves, owning and believing in who they are and what they can be is making a huge difference. Over 50 women in the business have now attended. The programme focuses on “Perception, what is your personal brand? What you bring, what you stand for? And the internal conversation of what you say to yourself, giving yourself confidence, emotional resilience. And finally, talking about who you are, what you do and your action plan.

Our role as leaders

I am excited about what the future will bring for our industry however to do that we need to build diverse and inclusive teams so we are more reflective of our customers. Our role is to coach those teams, bringing out the best in them, accelerating their potential, so they harness their curiosity and creativity to deliver new services and exceptional customer service.

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