The results of our recent Inspiring e-zine Survey, detailing the thoughts of our Inspiring Super-Network Members

In January 2021 we carried out a survey amongst members of the Inspiring Super-Network about their opinion of the Inspiring E-Zine. 

The range of questions covered their thoughts on current content and what features they would like to see more of.  

We initially asked if they find the content of Inspiring E-Zine a source of valuable information. 100% of the respondents responded that they did. We are also pleased to find out that 75% of respondents said they viewed articles on the Inspiring E-Zine once or twice a week.

We further asked on the survey their opinion of the various content on Inspiring E-Zine. The results of those who replied “A Lot or Quite A Lot” to a question asking how much they enjoyed the different types of article are as follows:

  • ‘A Day In The Life Of’ articles which feature automotive women detailing their typical working day – 88 %
  • ‘Real Model’ Interviews featuring automotive women – 100%
  • Survey Articles where readers answer a question survey about a hot topic with the results published in an article – 88%
  • Male Advocate Articles featuring key male leaders in the automotive industry about how they are embracing and leading diversity change – 88%
  • Mental Wellbeing Articles – 100%
  • Opinion and Advice Articles Written by Automotive Women –88%
  • Webcasts and Podcasts – 63%

We have taken action to address the feedback provided on the webcasts and podcasts outputs. We will be launching much shorter sessions in the form of “Take a Break with a Ten Minute Talk” in March.

We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback received. Thank you to those people who responded to the request to complete the survey.  Your feedback is very important to us and is helping to shape the future of the Inspiring E-Zine.

“I enjoy reading the e-zine content as it is so varied. The interviews with inspiring women provide an insight and understanding into their roles and the often the career journeys they have taken to get to where they are today. The webinars and podcasts are great as they are filled with relatable content from a fantastic mix of automotive industry members. And whilst we’ve been in lockdown specifically some of the health and wellbeing posts have been a great source of advice!”

“It’s a great tool to feel connected to learn and a great tool for resources.”

“I think it’s good to read to understand the challenges that we all face and how different people grow from their experiences and challenges.  

Being open about vulnerability I feel encourages others to grow in confidence when you realise there’s a lot of people modest in their own ability and building/encouraging others is the key to help colleagues and peers grow.”

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