Spotlight on Inspiring Automotive Women Award Winner Paula Cooper, Director ConsumerOne at Toyota GB.

‘Paula Cooper leads by example and shows women within Toyota that they can rise to new levels and succeed at whatever they do.’

Paula Cooper, Director of ConsumerOne at Toyota GB Plc was recently recognised as an Inspiring Automotive Woman of the Year for 2020, and has been previously recognised as the Automotive 30% Club’s overall Inspiring Automotive Woman of the Year back in 2019, due to her hard work, drive and her ability to champion women and support them in their development. 

When Paula was nominated for the Inspiring Automotive Women Awards 2020 she was described as being a woman who is ‘instrumental in the big changes within her department and wider company and always challenges others to think further, strive further and enjoy success.’

Paula’s nominator commented: ‘I think the most important element is that over the last 4 years since Paula has become a Director (along with our enormously supportive MD), there have never been so many women climbing the ladder and in increasingly senior positions than now.” 

Paula is an active coach and mentor to a number of women within Toyota. She joins the initiatives within the business where women come together to discuss key topics of interest and is an active supporter of the Automotive 30% Club, amplifying the Club’s activity within Toyota.

Here at the Automotive 30% Club we’re delighted to have Paula on board with many of our activities and we recognise that she is a truly Inspiring Automotive Woman. Paula is passionate about ensuring that there becomes a better gender balance across the sector and in turn is fully supportive of the Club as a whole. Since the Club started in 2016, Paula has taken part in a number of our outreach activities that aim to connect employers and education, in order to inspire female pupils in schools to consider careers in the automotive sector. Most recently Paula has continued to provide her ongoing support of the Club by providing valuable insight at our ‘Change The Game’ virtual conference, where she took part in the ‘Promoting and Retaining Women’ Masterclass, delivering a talk about the steps being taken within Toyota to successfully promote and retain women. 

You can watch this Masterclass via the link below, along with the ‘How Do We Start to Change the Game?’ Q&A Panel, which Paula also took part in throughout the conference period.

To hear more from Paula, visit the link below to view ‘A day in the life of a Director at ConsumerOne, Toyota GB Plc’ interview. In this interview, Paula tells us more about what her role entails and details the importance of encouraging people to stretch and develop.

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