Inspiring Automotive Women Day Is Going Digital

The Automotive 30% Club, founded in 2016 by Julia Muir, with the aim of having 30% of key leadership positions in the automotive sector filled with diverse women by 2030, will once again be holding its annual Inspiring Automotive Women Day.

2020 will see the fifth Inspiring Automotive Women Day, and this year it is kindly sponsored by Volvo Car UK.  For the first time in its history the Club will be holding the event digitally, on the 17th of November with 30 primary and secondary schools also receiving a digital visit from inspiring women from across the Automotive 30% Club member companies.

The event on the 17th of November will be broadcast live to 8 secondary schools across the country with over 150 female students hearing about the diverse and exciting job opportunities that are available within the automotive industry.  During the day they will hear from young ‘real model’ women about their personal educational and career journeys, will take part in a Career Speed Networking session, hear from leading HR experts about essential skills, and ask questions to a panel of leading automotive women.  

This Inspiring Automotive Women Day will also include digital outreach activities going into 30 schools across the country.  Automotive 30% Club members will be engaging with both primary and secondary schools in their locality, and speaking to youngsters about the wide variety of jobs and opportunities on offer in the automotive industry.  

The positive impact of the Inspiring Automotive Women Day is borne out by research by the Gatsby Foundation and its eight career guidance benchmarks, in particular, Benchmark 5, and the charity Education and Employers which carried out and published in their Speakers for Schools Report; they found that young people exposed to talks in schools from guest speakers benefitted from raised academic motivation, increased careers understanding and improved self-belief.

In a world that seems far from normal, the Inspiring Automotive Women Day hopes to bring a sense of the norm to schools and their students through its day event and reach out activities. Now more than ever where schools have seen a dramatic decline in external talks and presentations from business professionals, and with students still needing to know that the world around them is still functioning and understand that businesses still required future employees with key skill sets, the Automotive 30% Club is proud of its members for being involved in this amazing digital day. 

Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club said:

“This event mobilises a powerful network of women in the sector to spread the word that the motor trade is a great place to work, and has become an important date in the automotive calendar. It is also hugely enjoyable for both the girls and the women taking part. I am very grateful to Volvo Car UK for their sponsorship of the Inspiring Automotive Women Day, and we are extremely thankful for their support as we adapted this inspirational day so that it could be broadcast digitally to the network of schools involved, ensuring it remained a powerful, transformative and inspiring experience. ”

Kristian Elvefors, Managing Director at Volvo Car UK added:

“Gender imbalances have been prevalent in the automotive industry for many years, and it is up to us to acknowledge, address and change this inequality from within.  This is why our work with the Automotive 30% Club, and our sponsorship of the Inspiring Automotive Women Day, is so important.  Through this collaboration, we hope to address gender inequality in automotive workplaces, highlight the strong, talented women working in the automotive sector, and inspire other women to work in this fantastic industry.”

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