The Inspiring Super-Network

The Inspiring Super-Network is a grassroots movement and friendship group for diverse women and their male allies that links with other women’s networks.

The purpose of the Inspiring Super-Network is to share perspectives, find common ground, and work together on solutions that can be fed back to senior leadership for action. Members will offer one another support by taking part in informative discussions, whilst building cross business relationships and motivating the next generation of diverse women. Male members will contribute as the other half of the gender balance, and they will hear how they too will benefit from adopting an inclusive culture. Members from within the network will discuss, debate and share advice on all kinds of different topics related to self development, and relevant current issues, enabling members to develop their knowledge by listening to one another's view points and past experiences. There will be the opportunity to speak with industry experts, and diverse women from others sectors who have successfully navigated their way to the top, and discussions about challenges they may be facing. We hope it will lead to some great advice and suggestions to help members overcome any personal obstacles.

The key focuses of the network are to:

  • Facilitate discussions through digital discussion groups
  • Assist with personal development
  • Inspire the next generation of women

Join our Inspiring Super-Network now. Register for the the network here

Inspiring E-Zine

Inspiring E-Zine is our digital magazine focused on publishing content to encourage women to progress and celebrate their achievements. We share ideas, stories and show real models through articles, webcats and discussions group.

As part of our strategy we want to ‘name and fame’ women who are inspiring others, and they will share their experience and advice with our subscribers.

We will also welcome articles and blogs penned by members of our Inspiring Super-Network.

Topics could include your personal stories or observations, activities in your internal women’s network, events internally to encourage female employees to progress, and awards to recognise the contribution of female employees.

Inspiring Automotive Women Awards

The overall aim of the Inspiring Automotive Women Awards is to recognise and celebrate women, from within the Automotive 30% Club member companies, who are an inspiration to their peers and are doing great work amongst the sector in terms of achieving a greater gender balance.

The Awards provide these women with a platform to shine and makes them more visible both within and outside of the sector. This in turn will encourage the Automotive 30% Club members to recognise the requirement for personal development of women within the industry and provide career guidance for them, with the overarching aim to close the gender gap.
2019 saw the launch of our inaugural Inspiring Automotive Women Awards and was made possible by sponsorship from Jardine Motor Group. The awards ceremony culminated in a swish black-tie dinner on October 3rd at the RAC Club in London.

Last year the awards were sponsored by Jardine Motors Group and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the awards ceremony was a digital event held in January 2021. We are delighted that once again Jardine Motors Group will be sponsoring the IAW Awards 2021, with an awards ceremony planned for October 2021.

For further information on our 2021 IAW Awards please head over to our awards page here

Inspiring Automotive Women Day

The Automotive 30% Club holds an annual event to connect diverse ‘real model’ women of the sector with female students, to inspire them to join the industry and tackle gender stereotypes. We call this Inspiring Automotive Women Day.

Our first Inspiring Automotive Women Day event was hosted at Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit, in 2016. The event was in partnership with the Education and Employers Task Force, and 100 female students from 10 secondary schools from across the country were invited. Since 2016 the Inspiring Automotive Women Day has been sponsored by Vertu in 2017, Volkswagen Group in 2018 and 2019, and Volvo Car in 2020. Each year this event gets bigger and bigger.

We are pleased to announce that this year's event will be sponsored by Marshall Motor Group. The vision for 2021 is a large digital anchor event featuring diverse automotive women, inspiring circa 400 female secondary students from multiple local schools. In addition, the Automotive 30% Club will run a campaign to connect women from across the automotive sector to primary and secondary schools local to their workplace, and facilitate them virtually speaking/visiting the schools to engage with female students in “meaningful encounters”. The Automotive 30% Club will build a network of volunteers from the 30% Club member companies to visit 20 schools.

For more information on our Inspiring Automotive Women Day please link here