A day in the life of Hayley Keatinge, Inspiring Automotive Women Award Winner and Head of Business at Jardine Motors Group

Hayley is a brilliant example of a female Head of Business, instilling good teamwork values and a supportive culture.

Her dealership ranked in the top quartile for engagement, empowerment and enablement in the company’s annual employee survey. 100% of her team agreed as a senior leader, she is a role model to others, she adopts a positive attitude to change and ensures the team feels supportive through change. Hayley promotes an inclusive culture creating opportunities for others to experience career progression by encouraging job shadowing experiences for colleagues who wish to progress or develop their skills in a new area. This has included actively encouraging colleagues to achieve accreditations in new areas by spotting talent and being an advocate for others. Hayley takes an active role of encouraging more women into her team and as well as managing a dealership and expanding her remit, she is also studying a management degree at Loughborough University. A true role model to others, showing what can be achieved.

What is your job role?

 I am responsible for the sales and aftersales operations at Erdington Audi, as well as having responsibility for our Audi divisional sales contact centre based from Oldham Audi.

Please detail a typical working day.

I generally get up around 5:30am and take the dogs for a walk, it’s always a fight between head and bed to get up and out but it helps to get some fresh air before work!  Then I leave home around 7am to make my way into Birmingham, it’s about a 40-minute commute so good time to get the Spotify music on!  

The service department staff are in by 7am, so normally I would arrive and have my temperature taken (COVID ways of working for us have become second nature), before setting my laptop up.  Whilst it’s doing it’s thing, I will have a quick site walk, saying hello to the team and making mental notes for things to pick up with the management team.

We generally have divisional catch-ups and forecasting to address throughout the week, one of the best and worst parts of the job is it is never the same one week to the next.  You become master of one area and another one quickly needs your attention!  The days are fairly intense, which translates for the entire team, including the amazing team based in Oldham.  We have to be a fairly agile and reactive bunch so I try to make my main focus to do anything I can to facilitate making the staff’s jobs easier.  From looking at policies and processes, to coaching and guidance everything I do, and in turn the management team will do, is essentially to make it easy for the sales team to sell, the service team to provide excellent service, and the digital team to provide swift and helpful customer guidance.

I have tried really hard through the last 12 months to find ways to ensure both myself and the team are looking after our mental well-being.  We all decided that a lunch time walk would help re-energise and shift a few lockdown pounds.  So we take it in turns to head off in two’s for a 30-minute spin round the block.  This always results in people coming back fresh faced and ready to go again for the rest of the day!

Around 6pm it’s time to log off and head home, and in contrast to the commute in I often sit in blissful silence all the way home!  I am really fortunate to be able to have a horse kept at a lovely yard.  Vitally it has an indoor arena so even in winter I have no excuse to avoid going up to ride.  This tends to keep me sane (this point would be argued by most who know me!) and in turn ready to go again the next day.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your current role? 

I fell into the career I have by chance, I needed a job to fill a gap between uni and deciding on the next step. Also by chance, I was then lucky enough to have my first job within Audi working for the best mentors.  I have never forgotten the way working for them made me feel and in turn wanted to make them proud, and also to make other people feel like that when they worked for me.  They are both now overseas and keep in touch.  In fact they were the first people I told about winning my Automotive Awards and I was so proud to get their compliments!

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