A day in the life of an Aftersales Manager featuring Emily Robinson at Marshall Motor Group

I’m an Aftersales Manager at Marshall Motor Group, which involves managing a team of 21 on an aftersales only site.
A typical day starts at 05:30 am– Alarm goes off! Time to get ready – uniform is prepared the night before and no makeup added until I reach the dealership. The earlier I leave, the better the journey. Also with 2 children in the house asleep, the less I do at home, the less likely it is that I will wake them!
06:00am – Leave the house to head to Bromley (listen to heart with Jamie and Amanda!!) The Journey can vary from 1 hour 10 mins to 1 hour 45 minutes and longer if the M25 has issues! I quite enjoy this time preparing myself in my head of things I need to cover off. I keep my notepad on my seat next to me so if there is something that pops into my head I can pull over and jot it down quickly!
7:30am-8am – Arrive at Bromley.
8am-8:30am – Before opening the laptop or sitting down I do a site walk and make sure I say good morning to every team member and have a quick few minutes asking how their evenings were etc. Once the laptop is open and I get stuck into something the day seems to disappear and before long its lunchtime!

8:30am-9am – Check daily list of tasks to do and decide where to start! The normal start is to update the team boards with customer satisfaction figures and daily invoicing etc. and share any news with them.

9am-12pm – Working through tasks as well as interacting with customers as much as possible. Daily tasks involve checking work in progress, checking any outstanding invoices / payments, contacting customers for follow up… the list is endless.

12pm – Check in with team – update with figures for the day – how much more we need to do to get to daily target. Catch up with workshop control – check we are on track. Once everyone knows where we are and what we need to achieve for the afternoon it’s time for lunch!

12:30pm-1pm – grab some lunch! Depending on what day it is, depends what I eat. Fridays at Bromley are “Fat Fridays” so the team order in some “bad food”. Friday is treat day at Bromley so no restrictions! The rest of the week I normally try and take 5 minutes out of the building normally popping to the local Tesco and normally spending far more then I should! I often find myself drawn to the toy or magazine aisle and end up leaving with a little something for the kids!

1pm-3pm – Continuing with daily tasks. Checking in with our accountant covering invoices requiring authorising, cash debts etc., sales team checking in for any for prep work and other aftersales managers sharing best advice. It seems to be the afternoons a lot of time is spent on the phone! As well as daily tasks, there are weekly and monthly tasks that are required depending on the time in the month e.g. wages, health and safety checks.

3pm-6pm – Tying up the day! My favourite part! Speaking with workshop control to ensure all work is on track to be completed. Speaking with service advisors to ensure they’re up to date – always happy to help do an invoice or see a customer out! Keeping on track of daily invoicing and updating the team towards the close of the day. I like to spend time out the front with the advisors, listening to their check out, speaking to their customers and hearing what a fantastic job they are doing. Saying goodnight to the team and hearing their plans for the evening and giving them a final update for the day!

6pm-6:30pm – Pack up and head home! Journey generally takes 1 hour 30 mins to get home which ends up being 7:30-8. On the drive home I tend to check in with my boss, share our results for the day and cover off anything required. The rest of the journey I spend winding down and getting ready to walk in at home as mummy! I get home in time to see my children and help with the bedtime routine! If I’m home at 7.30 we have a quick game on the PlayStation or watch some tv together. If its 8pm, its cuddles and getting ready for bed! I’m very lucky that my husband works from home so we don’t have to use childcare.

8:30pm-9pm – Prepare bits for the next day, kids and my uniforms! Bath, grab some dinner then bed! Oh and a quick chat with my husband about our days!

The most important skill required for my current role is people skills. Understanding each member of staff, what motivates them and what’s important to them. Experience as a service advisor would be extremely useful, understanding the basics behind the role however you can teach someone these skills, you can’t teach someone to be good with people! Good customers service skills are also essential – people are the heart of our success both in staff and customers. If you can master both those areas, the rest you can learn!

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