A day in the life of a Business Improvement Manager featuring Venessa Chin at Motorpoint

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Venessa Chin at Automotive 30% Club Patron, Motorpoint to hear more about ‘a day in the life of’ a Business Improvement Manager.

In this interview, Venessa speaks more about her recent promotion since being recognised as an Inspiring Automotive Woman and highlights some of the automotive women who inspire her. She details how it felt to be nominated by her colleagues, and gives insight into her typical working day.

Read Venessa’s full interview below:

What is your job role?

Firstly, I want to say thank you to the Automotive 30% Club for this unexpected award and for allowing me the platform to speak to our next generation of ladies aspiring to enter the automotive industry. I joined Motorpoint in January 2019 and have held various positions at the company. I started as a Roaming Sales Manager, then moved into Customer Service as a Customer Service Manager just as Covid hit in 2020. When I won this award, I was a Customer Service Manager based at our Derby retail site. I have since been promoted to my current role as a Business Improvement Manager.

My main roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to are:
1. Working on improving business functions across our Customer Service and Customer facing areas of the Business.
2. Currently I am the Product Owner of our new CRM platform we are onboarding I work what I would call a hybrid system of a few days from home and a few days in the office.

What does your typical working day look like?

My day starts at around 5 am and I go through a routine of 20/20/20 – so if you are familiar with Robin Sharma’s book the 5 am Club you will get my gist here. I do 20 mins on the spin bike / 20 mins meditation and 20 mins journaling to start my day.

I then usually have some hot lemon/ginger and turmeric water and a green juice which I prepare to get started. By 7.30 the rest of my household is up and buzzing about. I get to see my son off before he leaves for school. Most mornings I am at my computer by 0900 if working from home, if I am going into the office, I will get in by
around 0930/1000 depending on traffic into Derby.

Implementing our new CRM system consumes around 80% of my day. Starting with daily stand-up calls from 0930. Project workshops, demos, arranging UAT (user acceptance tests), preparing training modules, and other business-related calls and meetings.
The other 20% of my day is taken over by three other key initiatives I am focused on currently. I work closely with our Head of IT to manage our onsite desktop refurbishment to change out our current devices used across our onsite teams.

My role allows me to interact and network with a wide range of people in the business whilst at the same time upskilling myself.

My day ends when my task list is ticked off to a comfortable level. If I need to work late on a task because it’s due soon or needs feedback/follow-up on something that is urgently required, I make the time to complete it. I can finish anywhere from 7 pm – 2 am! The 2 am is not the norm by the way! We once had a migration project, whereby I finished at 5 am (this was a one-off, but it needed to be done)!

Once I wrap up at the office, I either spend time with my son, cooking with my husband, or enjoying watching whatever tennis is on Prime! We also watch a few you-tubers we follow either on their travels in and around Thailand or fishing in Jamaica.

So quite a varied role which can be intense at times, but the teams are fantastic, and seeing the functional improvements you have worked on, to improve the business and the teams makes it all worthwhile!

Who or what inspired you to pursue your current role?

I wouldn’t say I had an inspiring person to showcase the industry before I joined. However, since I have been here, what I do find interesting is the lack of diversity and inclusivity at a senior leadership level in the industry. Angela Shephard from Mercedes- Benz and Catherine Faiers currently stand out to me as role models and trendsetters for women in senior leadership roles. Motorpoint’s very own Hannah Litt is an inspiration. She does so much to encourage, foster, and raise awareness on gender inequalities and diversity challenges. My current boss Paula Ward, albeit very new to Motorpoint has been an inspiration in helping to move the needle in how we work at Motorpoint. We work in a truly fascinating industry and the work being done by the Automotive 30% Club is helping to move the gender bias and the stereotypical ways of working.

How did you feel to be nominated by your colleagues in the Inspiring Automotive Women Awards 2021 and how did it feel to be one of our winners?

It was a total shock, to be honest as I didn’t expect to be nominated, much less awarded a winner. I nominated a couple of people from Motorpoint who are aspiring role models. To then be told I was nominated was a total shock! The icing on the cake was to be announced as one of the winners. It is a truly humbling feeling. It’s great to see the Automotive 30% Club showcasing the awards, its winners, and what the company is driven to achieve. It truly is amazing to be a part of this club!

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