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#ES01 Daksh Gupta, CEO, Marshall Motor Group

Daksh Gupta, CEO of Marshall Motor Holdings, an automotive retailing company that employs 4000 people and is ranked as one of the UK Great Places to Work, explains why energy and enthusiasm is so important in the world of work, as well as having a positive 'can do' attitude, curiosity and willingness to learn.

Daksh shares how his ADHD helps him to multi-task and he enjoys the variety in his role, and how the death of his parents in a car crash when he was 6 months old left him with the ambition to make a difference with his life and work hard to succeed.

Keywords: Energy and enthusiasm

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#ES02 Gemma Denes, HR Director, Volvo Car

Gemma Denes, Human Resources Director at Volvo Car UK talks about the importance of Staying Positive. She describes her role, and explains that staying positive is about being self aware and in touch with your feelings, and trying to be optimistic and looking for the positive in things.

She believes that we will all have highs and lows in our lives, and a positive attitude helps us to see opportunities and work for growth and improvement, and it impacts our careers because it affects how our colleagues and customers see us. Her top tip is to personalise communications by always using people's names when talking to them.

Keywords: Staying positive

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#ES03 Paul Philpott, CEO, Kia Motors

Paul Philpott is President and CEO of Kia UK, the 8th biggest car brand in the UK. He explains that he recruits for many different roles in finance, HR sales, marketing and aftersales and says that there is a career for everyone in his organisation. He says it's extremely important to have aspiration and ambition, spot opportunities and aim high.

He shares that he walked the Pennine Way as a teenager to challenge himself, and he encourages youngsters to develop aspiration now, by reading about successful people and how they had goals and overcame challenges, and suggests they get involved with projects to stretch themselves and prove they can achieve their goals.

Keywords: Aiming high

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#ES04 Penny Weatherup, HR Director, Volkswagen Group UK

Penny Weatherup, Human Resources Director of Volkswagen Group UK explains the importance of having good problem solving skills, and gives examples of how people in her company can react to emergencies and solve problems with logical and creative thinking. She talks about the large number of brands owned by VW Group and describes the huge variety of job roles within them, and the types of skills she looks for when recruiting people.

Keywords: Problem solving

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#ES05 James Brearley, CEO, Inchcape UK

James Brearley, Chief Executive of Inchcape in the UK, talks about leadership skills and how youngsters can start to develop them now for use in the future. He explains that there are a huge variety of job roles in his company, with an increasing number of jobs related to analysing data. He says it is necessary to be fully prepared and have a positive attitude, and advises that listening is an extremely important communication skill.

Keyword: Leadership

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#ES06 Clare Wright, HR Director, Jardine Motors Group

Clare Wright, HR Director of the large automotive retailer Jardine Motors Group shares her advice about the importance of teamwork skills and how they can be developed at school or through work experience, and also says that employers look for recruits who have a positive attitude.

Keyword: Teamwork

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#ES07 Hannah Litt, Head of Resourcing & Inclusion, Motorpoint

Hannah Litt, Head of Resourcing and Inclusion at Motorpoint talks about Work Readiness. She explains that being able to organise, plan and work independently is very important for the workplace, as well as having a "can do "attitude. Her Top Tip is to "be a sponge" and soak knowledge up, because it's so important to make every effort to learn how to do things.

Keywords: Work skills - organising and planning

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#ES08 Mark Raban, CEO, Lookers Plc

Mark Raban, Chief Executive of the large automotive retailer Lookers plc, talks about the importance of numeracy and financial skills in the workplace and every aspect of our lives. He describes numbers as a universal language that enables us to measure and manage businesses, and says it's very important to get a maths qualification.

Mark also advises that to secure a job, you need a great CV that describes your abilities and that it is essential to be well prepared for an interview.

Keywords: Numeracy and financial skills

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#ES09 Charlotte de Metz, Chief People Officer, Keyloop

Charlotte de Metz is the Chief People Officer at the automotive technology company Keyloop, sponsor of our Inspiration for Innovation Network. She talks about the importance of Digital Skills and explains what they are and why they are needed for so many different jobs. She advises how to develop them now for the future, and her essential skills top tip is to ensure that you are passionate about what you do.

Keyword: Digital skills

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#ES10 Rachael Prasher, Managing Director, Haymarket Automotive

Rachael Prasher, MD of Haymarket Automotive talks about the importance of creativity in the workplace. She talks about how creativity is a core value of her company, and advises that creativity can take many forms, from design to ideas and innovative thinking, and suggests that approaching life with an open mind and curiosity helps to develop creative skills. Rachael wishes she had been given more careers advice when at school and recommends that youngsters seek as much guidance as possible.

Keyword: Creativity

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#ES11 Rachel Shepherd, HR & Facilities Director, Toyota GB Plc

Rachel Shepherd, General Manager for Human Resources and Facilities at Toyota GB talks about recruiting people into a very wide range of sales and marketing roles including data analytics and digital marketing, and the importance of communication skills in the workplace. She describes good communication skills as being able to articulate your point of view in spoken or written words, and adapting your approach depending on who you are trying to influence or persuade, and also being able to actively listen. Her top tip is to always be prepared and well organised.

Keyword: Communication

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#ES12 Le Etta Pearce, CEO, Dealer Auction

In this episode, Le Etta Pearce, Chief Executive of Dealer Auction talks about the importance of developing good speaking skills for the workplace. She encourages youngsters to practice, and to listen to others and how they speak, and be aware of the tone and gestures they use to express emphasis. She advises us to think about the listener with empathy, and use a slower pace than usual, something that she is very aware of as a fast talker from Bristol.

Keyword: Speaking Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Listening Skills

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#ES13 Sharon Ashcroft, HR Director, TrustFord

In this episode, Sharon Ashcroft, Human Resources Director at Trust Ford, talks to us about the importance of preparing for job interviews. She recommends the STAR (Situation - Task - Action - Result" Technique to describe examples of when you have demonstrated certain behaviours or skills. Sharon also recommends doing work experience or volunteering to develop employability skills and become work ready.

Keyword: Interview Preparation, Work Ready

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#ES14 Carol Henry, Group People Director, Arnold Clark

In this conversation, Carol talks about the huge variety of jobs in Arnold Clark, one of the UK's largest car retailers, and her role as the Group People Director. She explains what empathy is and why it is so important in life and in the workplace. She also talks about the importance of communication skills, asking questions, and having a positive attitude.

Keyword: Communication, Positive Attitude, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence


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