The Automotive 30% Club Inspiration for Innovation Network is a national network of volunteers from automotive and technology companies, working with schools, universities and, special interest groups.

We aim to address the gender imbalance in the automotive and related technology sectors by informing young people and inspiring them to consider a career therein.

We are also out to do some myth-busting around the perception of the automotive sector as a place only for those who are ‘into cars’ or who have a technical mindset; through our work, it is our hope that students will understand the industry’s ample opportunities for creativity, collaboration, enterprise and commerce.

All our time is donated free of charge, and the cost of administering the programme is covered by our sponsors The Institute of the Motor Industry.

We create access to opportunities for schools and students to have meaningful encounters with experienced representatives from diverse backgrounds such as Digital Media, Marketing, Human Resources and Communications as well as Engineering, Technology and Design - all within the Automotive sector and related tech industries.

Our Inspiration for Innovation network activities are also relevant for mixed gender audiences. We explain how contemporary businesses are putting in place policies such as shared parental leave and flexible and agile working processes to ensure an inclusive working environment in which all can thrive.