Registering your interest

As an employee of one of our valued member companies, we would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your interest in becoming an I4I network volunteer. We are certain that you will take great personal satisfaction from your volunteering experience.

The aims of the I4I network are two fold - 

  1. To inspire young people to consider a career in the automotive and related tech industries and advise them how to access this technologically advanced growth sector with thousands of well paid jobs available in all business functions.
  2. To raise awareness that the executive’s company is aiming to be an inclusive employer of choice and to achieve a better gender balance.

We will incorporate the current commitment to give one speech a year that each CEO/MD makes on joining the Automotive 30% Club. One of our team will contact you directly within 4 weeks of your joining date. 

The process for the CEO and 30 by 30 Strategy leader is: Shortly after joining the club we will provide you with a digital version of the profile form to enable us to find the outreach activity that best suits you. We request that you always include a junior female member of staff (a graduate or apprentice) on the visit as a relatable role model. Individuals at any level of the organisation can also register directly online, but we will advise that they must seek approval from the 30 by 30 strategy leader to represent your business.

Executive Volunteers 

Please take a look at our ‘About Us’ page where you will find all of the information you need in regard to the Automotive 30% Club I4I Network. 

Following clearance from your HR department please complete our I4I Network Volunteer Profile Form which allows us to match you to a school. When matching we consider:

  • Volunteer personal details and specific preferences in regard to the type of visit e.g. size of the student group
  • Volunteer availability and location
  • The school’s application, particular interest and aims