Planning for your visit: Logistics and Details

Prior to your visit, it is the responsibility of the school advocate to contact you via phone call to agree on the format and content of the session, to identify priorities and ensure the visit has the most positive impact. Please confirm the following with the school advocate:

  • The format of the talk.
  • Themes and key messages of the talk, for example, an overview of the Automotive and technology industries; the variety of roles within the sectors; gender equality; your personal story and career path.
  • The audience for the talk (group size, age, prior subject knowledge etc).
  • The aim or pre-defined success outcome for the session. This should be based on how the school wants the students to benefit from the session and this should be a key factor in helping you prepare for your visit. It should be defined by the school as a statement.

Examples of a pre-defined success outcome:

 ‘I now know more about the skills, characteristics and qualifications needed to work in the automotive sector and that employers need apprentices, and more women to consider careers in this sector’

‘I now have a clear understanding of the role of a Sales Manager in an automotive company, and that it is one of many jobs that the sector is trying to encourage more women to consider.'

The school advocate should then follow up the call with an email confirming the details. Please let us know if this is not received within 3 working days and our team will chase.

The matching process should ensure the preferences that you have indicated in your Profile Form are reflected in the school requirement.

Students will be prepared for your visit by their teacher so that they know who you are and why you are visiting their school also giving them a chance to think of any pertinent questions at the end of the session.

Planning for your visit: Content and Guidance

Your actual session is likely to last 30-45 minutes, depending on school timetable and session requirements. 

Your content design will depend on the size of your session. If you are visiting a small group you may wish to avoid using slides and keep the session conversational. For larger groups, you may wish to use a full presentation or if you prefer, simply a holding slide with your key personal details.

We have created an Inspiration for Innovation network volunteer guidance kit to assist you in creating your content. It is up to you whether you use this or not

To access the I4I Network Volunteer Guidance Document please click here.

Planning for your visit: Social Media and PR Opportunities

The Automotive 30% Club will be supporting and promoting your visit via our social media channels and on our website. We will tag you in any posts that are relevant and we ask that you share and retweet where possible to increase the reach of the programme. Our Guidance Document will detail any hashtags or social media handles to enable you to tag us in communications so that we are alerted to share your posts.

Should you decide to do any internal PR that you would like us to share simply send this over to our team.

Due to strict GDPR guidelines please make sure you have permission from the school you are visiting before taking any images inside their school. Please remember DO NOT take any photographs of pupils which capture their face, UNLESS you have written permission from the school to do so. Do not screenshot from any virtual platform.

Your Visit

Please ensure you have taken every precaution to be available at the time agreed with the school or earlier. If you are late it is likely the session will not take place because the school timetable will not be able to accommodate it and the children will need to move to their next lesson.

The children always appreciate any branded merchandise so if you can provide any as prizes during the Q&A that would be a nice touch. 

If due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to attend on the day please let your school advocate know immediately and inform the team at the Automotive 30% Club.

Visit Follow Up

The school is responsible for collecting feedback data from the students about the aim of the session. 

We will share the meaningful encounter data with you as soon as it becomes available.